Bada 225: sonic impressions based on your system?

My speakers are NHT Classic 4's, with 86DB sensitivity.
TT = Rega 25 with Sumiko Blackbird HO MC. I use 2 phono stages: Musical surroundings "phenomena" or Graham Slee gold "V"
Subwoofer TBD: probably SVS or HSU
I mainly play lp 90-95%. CD's less than 5%
Would the Bada 225 be a good match with my system?
It will be good only if it sounds good to you. I have not heard one but looked it up. The specs are fine, but you really need to hear it, to know if that is the sound you want.
Since that is difficult these days, it is smart to buy one used with the depreciation hit already deducted from the price so that you can resell it for a minimal loss if you don't care for it's sonics.