Bad Tube Experience

Does anyone have any stories they would like to share about being sold NOS and not Getting NOS or just getting bad tubes.Lets get the word out so others dont get burned.
I purchased NOS tubes from The Parts Connection. The price was right but most of the tubes tested poorly. The salesman admitted that they do not test tubes so you are pretty much on your own. Buying tubes from them is a real crap shoot. The salesman did agree to replace tubes but the whole experience was not satisfactory. If it had been only one tube in the batch I would have felt better but it was 4 out of 6 that tested weak.Bottom line, if you don't have a tester or can access one pay extra to get some pre-tested stock. sells new(not NOS) TESTED tubes, and sells them for less than half of what you pay at your local dealer. In many cases, a whole lot less than half. I have not yet bought from them, but I will need tubes at some point. I am surprised by The Parts Connection, they have a stellar reputation. Is this the case for only NOS tubes?
Many tubes will test "weak" if they are not tested properly. Two things to remember when testing tubes: 1.) Make sure the tube tester has a line voltage adjustment so that you can have an accurate reference point. 2.) Most important!!! Let the tube warm up for at least 5 minutes!!!!! I had the same experience. When I found a good tube tester that had a line voltage adj. (That worked) and let the same tubes that tested "weak" on another tester, warm up for 5 min. and retested THEY ALL TESTED GOOD-VERY GOOD!!!!
darrell reponse is correct i agree with him. i use a sencore mu complete all reality if you are gonna buy tubes esp nos you must have your tester,and one that tests mutual conductance.i test tubes for my friends and match need to find someone in your area who will do that.there are alot of people who sell tubes and have no questions ask return policy.the best tester ive had is the sencores,i know others prefer hickoks but not me i prefer can usually pick up the the sencore mu150s for 300 to 500 dollars,they are great testers in my opinion.i have 2 of them.they are not for sale.good luck.
had a great transaction of NOS tubes with Kevin at Upscale Audio. Highly recommended