Bad sounding CD s

Why do some remastered older music like Led Zep and the Doors sound so bad. Lifeless, compressed and no dynamics. Is it in the pressing where they lose quality. Some even lose all the bass it seems. Appreciate your comments.


Agree, some older releases sound horrid.

Lately, I've been replacing older versions with digitally remastered CDs...huge improvement in sound. I get them from CD Now or Tower Records off the web (normally for the same cost as a regular CD). So far have bought digital remasters of:

Tears for Fears Songs From the Big Chair
Supertramp (greatest Hits--good selection of their best)
Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (incredible improvement)
Dire Straits First Album
The Who Who's Next (stunning--you can hear Pete's pick hitting the strings on Behind Blue Eyes)
Genesis Duke
Genesis And Then There Were Three (Follow You Follow Me sounds like a different song)

I suspect the reason the digital remastered copies of older releases have so much improvement is the technology that was used when they were originally converted from the analogue to CD was pretty rudimentary compared to today's technology.

So, in addition to aching to upgrade every piece of my system, I am now repurchasing CDs I already own...but, the improvement in sound is worth it...

I totally agree on Who's Next. Best remaster I have heard to date.
Your so right.Some of the CDi play that are 10 + years old sound like pure garbage.
Viynl copies of same slay the CD version and are even still way supperior to the remasters.
Oldy CDs sound less than optimal (that J. Tull "Aqualung" P.U.!) 'cause some bean counting manager(mangler) didn't realize to use the "master" master tape and used the "equalized" master for cutting LP records instead.
This stuff has to be "reverse equalized" (that's why there
is a special "phono" input on your receiver or preamp)before it sounds normal again. P.S. Don't try plugging your CD into the phono inputs, O.K.?
I too agree with Vermonter. Another good example of CDs being significantly improved by re-mastering is the original Creedence Clearwater eight CDs. The new JVC 20bit K2 recordings are much better, and are now non-fatiguing but still dynamic. Craig