Bad preamp choice?

I hope I didn't make a mistake. I recently purchased a CJ PV-10b Preamp. This pre is different from a PV-10a, as it uses the PV-12 linestage. So it should sound more like the 12 than 10. it's also the latest PV model. Anyway, I fell in love with the simple PV looks many years ago when seeing one at the local Audio Shop. I finally broke down and bought a minty one, thats currently in route to me. In the mean time, i'm reading the worst reviews i've ever seen from this forum? Can A CJ really sound that bad? Are these reveiws and comments just from elitist with $20,000.00 Preamps. Will it not sound better than than my old but once TOTL Yamaha c-80 pre? If I can't get a decent USED pre for 6 or 7 hundred than i'll pass, and go on to one of my other interests.
cj is worries.
Have you listened to it? If not, when you get it, set it up right, let it warm up a bit and then give it a listen. Forget what all the "experts" say, your opinion of it is all that matters. Jaybo is right, CJ makes excellent stuff, they get things right.
Who gave the PV10b the bad review? I haven't heard anything bad about CJ products. There is no product perfect for every taste. I had a Yamaha pre and it was decent for the price. The CJ will be a major upgrade. You have something exciting to look forward to.
Yes you made a mistake. You read those reviews after you have already made a purchase. Fortunately, you will not have to suffer the consequences. Have a beer and relax. It's a fine preamp.
I have a simple solution, for a nominal sum I will post highly laudatory reviews of your preamp. What would you like me to say? Seriously, it is fine to ask advice but the only opinion that counts is yours.
Yes- The CJ will be an upgrade from the Yamaha, and should you not immediately appreciate it's sound: you'll have the option of rolling it's tubes to better suit your tastes(especially if you listen to vinyl). The PV-10B had a few cap bypasses in the power supply and signal path, better resistors and other refinements, compared to the 'A'. Like the others have said- Relax and look forward to your new/improved gear. A lot depends on your other equipment, but I'll bet you end up listening to your entire music collection, and enjoying the sound staging/imaging the CJ delivers.
I must tell you that as the owner of the best preamp I ever heard that you could have made a better choice. In this hobby there are always better pieces of gear. I simply would not let cost deter me from getting my current preamp. It cost an unimaginable sum for the satisfaction I was almost certain would be temporary but a step in the right direction. I had bad luck with peamps but hope springs eternal.
I had hoped that spending this money would be a stop on the way but never make it all the way to Nirvana. I bought it to sound check a certain tube I collect . Little miracles can happen. Instead of being a waste of good money it had a magical synergy with my amps. It is just a sheer pleasure and has been for two year and more no signs of failing.
It cost $350 and I will buy another of it breaks. I didn't think my gear cost enough to be any good compared with any other of the fine systems in my audio group. It doesn't compare, I am right, in fact it is much better in my view.
As for the CJ I don't recall any negative reviews but one pre I own is the "legendary" ARC SP6 B, considered by many as having set a new high mark due it's superb phono section. It has rarely been subject to negative review. My review is that it is legendary all right , it has a noise floor like no other, it has unrivaled gain, I doubt you would ever need a step up tranny if you used it. Not even for a Cartridge that has an output in the negative numbers i.e. less than zero,
It was modded by the original owner to be a wire with gain. I was told I should be aiming for such a pre. After a bunch of fruitless tube rolls to calm this pre down and thinking something exploded with the smallest mote of dust that escaped the cleaning machine. I just gave up I bought a little SS phono box with a fine reputation with glowing reviews all over. Indeed I find it sounds quiet and controlled also has no idea that it should sound musical either unfortunately. I will list the landmark ARC soon. I am sure it will make some headbanger happy.
Dude, what were you THINKING?

sorry, this kind of thread somebody's gotta call you out, eh? No idea, hopefully no buyer's remorse (insert animated figure hitting head against wall here)

cheers, it's only audio. At least you can still have a V8...
Well I feel a little better now! I had no chance to try before buy with this unit. Used purchases must be online as the used market here consist of crap! The CJ will be the finest audio gear within 100 miles of me i'm sure. Lots of plastic walmart crap on craigs list. I think a survey would show a severe lack of High End gear in the southren US. You guys in Caif. are very lucky!

The CJ seemed like the right choice, as the brand is respected, the pricing is great for used units, and I fell in love with understated looks years ago, and always planned to get one some day.
We get Wal Mart same as you. The bigger question is -- why are you shopping for high end audio gear on Craigslist? Nothing but 5-disc all in ones and Alpine car decks

RCPrince is correct. You must set up CJ preamps correctly. Many invert the phase so be sure you make the proper adjustments. I have owned quite a few CJ preamps and all of them have been very good.

Hope this helps,

"-19-09: Tholt
We get Wal Mart same as you. The bigger question is -- why are you shopping for high end audio gear on Craigslist? Nothing but 5-disc all in ones and Alpine car decks"

Where else would I find used gear localy? As far as I know there are no local shops with this stuff.
Bad choice...upon arrival u should immediately donate to a kind stranger with a leaky wallet...that would be me! Enjoy your new purchase...the 10b have phono?
Rest assured, CJ doesn't make junk, and the ears there are reliable and settle for musicality only. Integrating it into the system with proper amplification and wires will be more important as will be speaker placement. Stress about the significant factors, not CJ bad reviews. Most reviews are just BS as they are from one microcosm in one room with one set of electronics, and adjusted for one guy or gals taste. I can take the same thing, and have an opposite opinion, and we would be both right. Reviews have value, unfortunately, they are just limited. Enjoy the CJ, its great>>>Jallen
What is the rest of your system and what kind of music so you like. I have a pv 10 fed by a vpi hw 19 table and a Sony 77es/Krell dac for discs. The sound has been superb, I have rolled tubes and now have it in a happy place. The only neg. for me is the lack of a remote.
I'm starting from scratch! I had a TOTL Yamaha system that I had bought in the 80's. C-80 Pre, T-80 tuner, huge M-80 amp that may still be useable? It's all older now, and in bad shape. I'm starting over.

What I do have.

I want tube mono blocks, but for now I have scratch built a Super ST 70. All new ground up build with a much stiffer PS, and a driver stage based on the classic Mullard 5 20 LTP with a ccs. Here it is.

I have custom built a Audio server, but still need a high end DAC. Here it is.

All I have for speaker are a pair of Klipsch Synergy towers. These are the bigger ones with twin 8" Woofers.
I'm thinking about getting Magnapan MMG's for now?
"-19-09: Tholt
We get Wal Mart same as you. The bigger question is -- why are you shopping for high end audio gear on Craigslist? Nothing but 5-disc all in ones and Alpine car decks"

Where else would I find used gear localy? As far as I know there are no local shops with this stuff.

W/o good dealers (a dying breed) I hear you, though I almost never find anything worthwhile on craigslist. Audiogon is my salvation, since I can't try first I try to buy things that have decent resale value should they not work for me.

Your Klipsch's are efficient enough for tubed monos, getting even a moderately priced set will prob put a grin our your face!
My experience is that you have to choose for yourself. I bought a phono pre that had never had a review. (at least one I could find) Audio Research PH-2. I love it. I also love the Audio Research SP-15 I have... ("THEY" didn't like it. But for 1/4 of the original price it is a killer pre!!
So do not live by review alone! A LOT of junk has been sold with good reviews of crummy stuff.
And anything made by CJ is good to me.
I sincerely hope you buy only what you like. I thought my long post said that. Even if it was a pre I knew and hated why think I know of a completely BS notion of an objective better or worse. Where you get it doesn't matter if you didn't steal it as in commit a true crime.
That said I have been ripped off by thieves that use ridiculous and painful wording to get away with stealing my money using the monster auction site. I am now deeeoky aware of the unfortunate truth that one should almost expect to recieve misrepresented itewms from anyone that has less than emphatic language saying they stand behind the item's is garbage.
Audiogon was a very different buying experience because true audio lovers and hobbyists were the norm. The last year or so I have noticed the proliferation of members who are reallly just selling, yes these people were always here but there are many more pros than there used to be..