Bad luck W/ Musical Fidelity DAC

I purchased the new A3 24 DAC last week. For the first few days it was working great, yesterday the volumn level took a nose dive and the sound was fading in and out. I replaced all the cables and the power cord, but no change. When I remove the right rca plug, the left speaker played normal, and when I remove the left rca plug, the right speaker played normal. What is wrong w/ this unit? To MF's credit, there are going to replace it but my wait will be at least 3 weeks.
I didn't have good luck with my unit because it didn't live up to the hype. It did take awhile to break-in and when it did, it only sounded as good as the CD player I was using. I asked the dealer if there could be something wrong with the unit but they said that I could be looking for a different type of sound. I kinda thought that spectacular was what I was looking for in the first place. They did take care of me in getting the unit returned but, I pine at the thought of not hearing the unit for what it has been hyped to be.
Why is silk more costly than sack cloth? There is less of it by weight (per yard); it isn't as warm if made into clothing; and if you hold it up to the light, it's almost not even there! Yes silk is a very fine thing -they keyword here is "fine". You are paying for its fine-ness. The point of my babble is if the rest of your system isn't equal in finesse -you won't hear a difference! That is the vice of this hobby. After all, how much do you love music? 'Cuz in the end, that's all your equipment is supposed to do -play music. So how many times can your system "split a hair"?
While product reliability may be an issue, it appears that both manufacturer and dealer have reacted in a most professional manner. Let us praise them for appropriately dealing with matters in which they do have control. Not living up to reviewer hype is out of thier control. Thank you for sharing your counter opinion. You have demonstrated that the proof is more often in the listening, rather than the reading.
I also had an a324 which had problems. It wouldn't play
on the 192 khz setting and would intermittently lose a lock
even on the 96 khz setting. Sam Tellig in his review also
mentioned having problems. I think something must be amiss
in either the manufacturing or QC of this unit. Glad you were able to return it.
Musical Fidelity...I got all hyped after reading MF's review on their CD player, then remembered MF still believes turntables are cutting edge technology.
Did you not read the review in Stereophile where the unit was hand delivered by the owner of the company for review and while they were listening to it the thing stopped working and had to be sent back to England to be able to complete the review?