Bad in CD playing and still great in CD reading?

I am wondering if I can improve the quality of my digital (wav) files substracted with a CD reader (plextor plexwriter). I reasoned that the substracted filed from my CD recorder can be no better than by the quality of the mechanics in the player. The plextor for example (even if it is good) sounds way less in just playback compared to my Marantz CD player in the living room (using headphone). A big difference! It is hard to believe that this has no influence whatsoever on the substracted digital files. And if so - what player is going to improve this?
There are big differences in the programs which extract
WAV files from CD. While it seems like a copy from one
digital medium to another digital medium should be an
exact duplicate, that's not the case. That's why some
programs are much faster than others.

The program that most everyone agrees is the best is a
small free one called EAC (Exact Audio Copy). You can
get it at .

You may have to play with some of the setting to get it
to work, but it's worth the effort. Some friends have had
silent WAV files if the settings aren't right.

Good luck,