Bad Fire: Worldwide Vinyl Supply Threatened

What is worse is they more than likely won't be able to rebuild in California with the laws.  Beyond that, the machines they were using are more than likely non existent today.
I believe there is a niche market and even in the case they can't rebuild the factory or move it elsewhere (IMO the workers and know how of management is worth more than the factory) if they have good insurance they can move and rebuild. If not I'm sure someone else can step in and do it, there is current demand for this, even more, manufacturers of vinyl, turntables etc Panasonic, Mofi etc. would want to subsidized the factory, they will have to kill entire lines of products if vinyl production comes to a stall.

A friend of mine (very, very smart guy) told me yesterday this could kill the vinyl resurgence even more than what the CD did 40 years ago, I truly hope he is wrong on that.

I’d like to believe they could just pick up and rebuild but I don’t think that is the case. The machinery is gone, can’t just up and order this stuff and the people that knew the most about it all are dead, not in the fire but via time.

I also read, and I hope this is not true, that the only other lacquer maker does it in Japan out of his garage! God, if that is the case we are in real trouble. I’m just praying that is not true, going to search for that article.

I read today that that plant was suppose to put aside 6 months worth of lacquers at another location. Hopefully this transpired.

I think another issue will be plants trying to continue by using worn out stampers....quality dropping and that could be the real nail in the coffin.

Then I think, if we can put a man on the moon, we can get this going again. Probably just end up in China......

“There are only two companies worldwide that produce lacquers. One of these companies is a one-man operation in Japan run by an old man who produces the lacquers in his garage."

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I still believe someone can step in and develop (and patent) new technology to overcome this, mechanical engineer ideally. There will be a market for it and well paid I can say. It won't be easy, it will take some time and money but there are some rewards, if I win the lottery and get 30 mil or so I will certainly embark on a plane tomorrow. Maybe should do a brief market study 1st 😉


I agree, the financial barriers to compete with prohibitively expensive and established methods are severely reduced by this disaster.

Innovation is probably already in the wings.

Easy, Quick, NO, but .....

The fact that Vinyl outsold CD's last year is an incentive for seed money from established labels to be provided, pronto!