Bad experience with Red Dragon Audio

Purchased 15 cable elevators from Red Dragon Audio for $149.00 (well attempted to purchase anyway). Paid for the product, got a email confirmation of the order, choose the shipping method which the price was waived as a promotion. two weeks now and no elevators or further corraspondence from Red Dragon Audio. I have emailed them 3 times to try and determine the status, no return emails, and there is no phone number listed for them on Needless to say I am very dissapointed because it appears that they have a decent reputation in the audio community. I finally called American Express to  dispute the charge and they did provide me with a phone number however when you call it rings like its an overseas call and finally simply disconnects the call. So I just disputed the charge with Amex and they will investigate from there. So just a word to the wise. When buying audio gear on line if there is no phone number that you can call and actually speak with a human about the product your paying for beware. Luckily I used Amex for the charge because they are VERY good at disputes and make the money on your card available to you at that time instead of having to wait for some long investigation to play out. curious if anyone else has had a bad experience with this company. 
That's the real value of using credit cards.....
I know that Red Dragon is a one person operation, 
My friend is extremely happy with the amps he purchased,
he was able to try out 2 different models for 1 month each.
So he is a good business person,
maybe just maybe he is on vacation ,
2 weeks and bashing him on line like this sounds a little impatient 
especially for cable elevators and it sounds like you got your money back.

I would agree that you should be more patient. I bought products that take over a month to receive.
Yeah I get that, and I am patient. My problem is lack of response and the fact that it did not ship when promised. Sorry I do t have patience for that. It's not the amount but the principle. Business is business. If your buying s product on line and you pay your money regardless of how much it cost you A. Want what you ordered B. You need to be able to have communication with whoever it is your paying your money to. Maybe  it's just me. Thanks for the post.  
OP should not have to put up with this. Just because it is a solo operation does not mean a customer has to be left in the dark.  This is 2017, not 1917.  He can set up a voicemail message, update the website or something if he is on vacation.  Bad customer service and attitude seems to be rampant in the audio world.
I hate to flame any audio company, but I returned a Red Dragon amp about a month ago and after many emails to them asking about the status of the refund, it still hasn't happened.  I sent back a similar amp to Audio Advisors that I was auditioning in tandem with the Red Dragon and got a refund the day it arrived at their facility.  Audio Advisors are top-notch. 

I personally don't think bad customer service is rampant these days; quite the opposite, at least in the audio world.  My tube and cable dealers are right on top of their game in my mind.  I am very disappointed with this Red Dragon refund situation and hope they get it sorted out soon as they do have great Class D amps. 
@whitestix @rotarius 
I hate to flame on an audio dealer also, and that is not my intent, however it is what it is. Also using a CC is a great advantage however you do not have an infinite amount of time for a dispute. Been down that road also. Like stated above this is 2017.. everyone carries a cell phone and if your a business owner you can't just unplug from your customer base especially if your a 1 man operation. No excuse there. If the guy was sold out etc.. all I expected was a phone call or an email saying "hey Im running behind, or waiting for the product to be in stock, something. I don't thing that is to much to ask.  Anyway. Don't want to beat a dead horse but I thought it was the thing to do to inform this community of my experience nothing more nothing less. Not bashing Red Dragon Audio..Since he is not replying to email maybe he will read some of this feedback and ensure that this does not happen to others. Enough said on my end. 
I've had very good experiences with Ryan/RD. Excellent amps and great customer service. Not sure what happened in this case ...
I preordered an s500 amp and had a very similar experience. It took multiple phone calls and emails many of which were simply ignored. I finally got the amp after 4 months. Once the amp was hooked up it had terrible rf interference and I finally just sent it back. Very disappointed as well.. 
@bensturgeon SMH. Sorry you had to go through that. At least they gave you a refund I hope. I was not taking the chance waiting on a phone call as that phone call never happened to date. I guess with my dispute there is no reason to call st this point other than to say "sorry bout that" Even though if I do hear from him and got an explanation I would re-order the elevators because I still need them lol and at $150 for 15 that was not s bad deal. So the search continues. 
Bad service is bad service.  No excuse with the plethora of communication options available today...still, OP's experience was very different than my experience.  I bought two Red Dragon mono-blocks.  The guy was readily available by phone, and he and I talked both before and after the sale.  Afterward, he helped me determine the best output level's coming from my Mytek DAC/Pre relative to the Red Dragons.  I hope OP's experience was a glitch (and a learning experience for the company)...especially should I ever need to service my amps!
@educeus Its interesting that you had a phone number for Red Dragon Audio. They no longer list a phone number on their website, and the only way to contact them now is via email. Maybe you only get the phone number if you have actually received a product form them under some type of warranty.  Do you still have a number for them?? I am still hopeful that I get a call and get this straightened out. If that happens I will be more than happy to report that conversation back to this forum. Just an FYI I logged back into my acct on their website and my order is still in its unfulfilled status even-though AMEX has refunded my money, but its still in the dispute phase. Im sure that they are not able to contact him either. 
I have recently had the exact same experience as the OP with RD.  Ordered a pair of M500's, got a confirmation, credit card charged, nothing after that.  I called Visa and they suspended payment until they have had time for the vendor to respond.  20 days out now and no response to Visa or me.  I really believe something is up with them, hopefully nothing they can't rebound from, but at this point I'm looking for another amp.
Yeah I am inclined to agree. Something must have happened to RD. To bad because all the things I have read about their products are possative. Hope they work trough it. I guess I will move on as well. I am thankful that I don't have a piece of gear by them that is under a warranty. I guess that is the chance you take if you don't deal with one of the larger manufactures. However these days nothing is a sure thing I guess. 
I purchased the lifters they sell. Porcelain  white
Blackish tops 8 of them
7 are in backroom one is on top of a outboard x over.     I had no problem with them. I just dont think they work on thick wire .   I was looking
At there mono blocks. Seens like good price
Good luck
UPDATE: I am happy to report that I finally got my M500's yesterday and Ryan is back and responding.  Not sure what happened recently, but he is back and available by email. Amps are great right out of the box, but am burning them in for a couple of weeks.
UPDATE:  I received an apologetic letter from Ryan Tews and a refund for the return of my S500.  I think he has sorted out some staffing issues that were the cause of the refund confusion in my case.  His gear is excellent and I will continue to suggest folks interested in class D amps to audition his gear.  
Follow up. I did receive an email from RD audio as well the other day and he was apologetic and explained that also in my case the item I ordered is out of stock and that he will not have any until maybe the fall. Sounds like he is back on the block. Still a little disapoonted however at least he did respond which is good for me and even better for people who own his gear. So I guess the mystery is solved. 
@barnettk...Just want to chime-in with my support. I've been wondering about RD. Glad I came across this post, and happy to hear things are getting worked out. I emailed RD over the weekend and haven't received a reply. I just hit him up on facebook. Hopefully he'll reply back. But I'm with you, small vendors need to use technology to auto-reply to their customers. Leaving us hanging is not good for the bottom-line. Makes us skittish about doing business...especially when there are other options.
I purchased a pair of Amps from Red Dragon a few weeks ago and the transaction was perfect from start to finish...The Amps are AMAZING~
These things blow my 110-lb amp into the weeds~

As above,

I concur w/ educeus.

Happy Listening!

@genises777. Glad to hear that. I have since given up on finding a pair of cable elevators I liked so I made my own. So in hindsight I’m glad that I was not able to get them lol. I like the ones I made more than any of the others I have seen online. In regards to the Red Dragon Amps. It seems that most people that have them are very happy with them. Nice!