Backup Generator transfer switch

In the past two issues of Stereophile, Michael Fremer has been discussing the disastrous results to the sound of his system after having a backup generator installed at his home. The system is not running on the generator, but he believes it has to do with the transfer switch that gets installed on the AC signal path.  He describes a pre-generator experience as "intense and emotionally elevating" afterwards "everything good was gone, two large ill-focused boomboxes had replaced absolute magic".  I recently moved and had been listening to my system prior to and after the installation of a Generac whole house generator, I did not notice any change in the sound, I can still sit and enjoy the music for hours with no sense of fatigue.  Perhaps my ears are shot or my equipment is not expensive enough.  Anyone here have any experiences with generator transfer switches?

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My transfer switch didn't cause any issue, but I wouldn't expect it to. My system's dedicated lines don't go through the switch.
I’m sorry to not have experience to share but I was disturbed by Fremer’s situation. Glad to hear that your power matrix is not interfering with your musical enjoyment.
As cleeds reports it should not be a problem if you don't attempt to setup for music during a power grid failure.
What cleeds did is exactly what Fremer is having done - setting up another circuit for his audio bypassing the transfer switch.
I had a backup generator installed recently and notice no degradation of sound.  I have also had dedicated lines For years, my system sounds tremendous.  
In the last issue Fremer backtracked somewhat on his comments.  The system still sounded really good, but just not outrageously excellent.