backup cd player

Looks like ill have to send in my player to get a drawer glitch repaired...We know how long that the most $1500.00 would be what I like to spend on a player...suggestions?
For a backup, I would take the Oppo 105. If nothing else, it offers the options of SACD, DVDA, BluRay plus the movie world.
I agree with the Oppo 105 recommendation. It can also act as a backup to a DAC. I bought one to use while my Ayre QB-9 was being upgraded to DSD capability.
2 of my favorites are the Rotel RCD 1072 and the Arcam FMJ 33. Can't mess up with either one.
01-02-15: Rhljazz
"For a backup, I would take the Oppo 105. If nothing else, it offers the options of SACD, DVDA, BluRay plus the movie world."

I agree plus top tier on board DAC's for other digital sources.

I was just thinking that it may be a good time to get into computer audio. Instead of buying a back up CD player that you won't use after your main player gets fixed, a PC will probably stay in your system as an alternate source.
I was in a similar situation, I was without my CDP for six months while I waited for its return from repair. I picked up a new Oppo. It does sound good and I was able to slide it over into my video system which was an upgrade.
Another really good CDP (if you can find one) is the Music Culture MC 501A. It sounds MUCH better playing CD's then the Oppo, and the Oppo sounds pretty darn good with CD's. MBL makes the Music Culture MC 501A.
Thanks guys...ive been digging in the research for the to say the oppo looks like its winning.I did look at the others as suggested too...will be at this point just for 2 channel playback.
I also want to be able to send it for repairs,if main player is made not in who knows...I cant even get ahold of the guy that owns the shop were I purchased it.
so a simple player (w/performance) gets it at this point...kind of done with the higher dollar route at this point.
Onkyo C-7000R. 26.5 lbs, 2 Burr-Brown TOTL PCM1792 chips in parallel. Pure CDP though, no SACD, no digital inputs. Disclaimer: I've never heard it. But if I were looking for a current production CDP, this would've been my choice on specs purely.
I will second,
the Rotel, Arcam & Denon. Also, consider a Pioneer Elite or Sony ES. Search here, Audio Asylum or eBay for best value(s).
Keep us posted & happy listening!
I recently decommissioned my $5m CDP and have no intention of replacing it. Consider getting a CD ripper. In short order I ripped my 500 CD collection bit for bit. It's backed up and I never have to worry about it again.
To start, try the Bluesound Vault. It's inexpensive and has a great interface for your tablet or phone. You can also download up to 24/192 from sites like HD Tracks and use Tidal and Spotify to test drive the world of music.
Anyway, it's a cheap way to test these waters.
Another one to consider, though an SACD player also, is the Yamaha CD-S1000 or CD-S2000 for that matter. If these players are anywhere near as good as their counterpart integrated amps(A-S1000, A-S2000), then I highly recommend them. Both the players weigh in at a very stout 33 pounds.!specifications

Looks like A4Less is out of stock of the CD-S1000 at the moment but they regularly sell them for under $900.00.