Backlit remote for Bryston BCD1

Just got a Bryston BCD1 off Audiogon and everything seems fine. However, I was reading a Stereophile online review of the unit and it mentioned that the remote has a motion sensor, that is, it lights up when you pick it up. Mine isn't lighting at all. I downloaded the user manual and no mention of this. I would call the company but it is Saturday night and thought popping the question on here might be quicker. Anyone with a BCD 1 have any insight?
I have a BCD-1 also. The illumination on the remote seems to be sensitive to the amount of lighting that is present in the room. It seems to come alive when a button is pressed AND it is in a darkened area.

-- Al
I agree with Al. That seems to be the way my remote works, too.
Thanks guys, looks like you are having a little more luck than me though. I put mine in complete darkness and nothing. The reviewer in Stereophile said "my friends are amazed when they come in and pick up the remote how it lights up".
Perhaps the batteries are dead?

When you put it in complete darkness, did you try pressing a button?

Also, I should have added in my previous post that I have not found the illumination to be motion-sensitive.

-- Al
Thanks Al - the batteries should be ok as I use the remote with no problems.

Funny you should say yours is not motion sensitive also. The brochure and manual make no mention that it is motion sensitive, it was only after reading the Stereophile review , or it possibly was a Soundstage review that I got I have you and everybody else thinking they have problems with too (hehe). I will see what comes of this thread by tomorrow and maybe call the company and post the answer so Bryston don't end up receiving a million "faulty" remotes next week.

Yes, I pressed many buttons in the dark - no luck.
Hi Almarg, I called the company and figured it out. Hold down the "code" key and type in 792 and this will activate the motion sensor. They don't ship with this activated as it might run the batteries down.
Wow! Thanks, Tom!

So does yours now illuminate?

Best regards,

-- Al
Yep the code,also you don't have to press a button to light her up as she is touch sensitive,actually my br-2 remote is also.I just pick them up or even jsut touch them and they light up.
Yep, I just touch it and "hey presto" it lights up like my Xmas tree....pretty cool!

Merry Xmas Al and to all the other fellow Audiogoners who continue to answer my silly questions...very much appreciated!!