Backing up Roon database and library

Would appreciate advice about backing up a database and library. My Roon endpoint is an Innuous Zenith 3. I read on a Roon web site that backup is strongly advised to avoid possibility losing this information.  However, I also have been told that Roon (and Tidal and Qobuz) don’t need backing up because they maintain your data as long as you subscribe and, if anything gets lost, it’s recovered when you log in. Which is it? Also, Roon has a backup function but the only destination showing up is Dropbox which I don’t subscribe to (subscribing to Roon, Qobuz and Tidal adds up).  It’s not seeing my nas drive or external hard drive. Thanks in advance for any help. 
I would also love to know how to successfully back up my Roon installation because I think I have done it properly and then I get a glitch on Windows and after doing a system restore the Roon information tells me of unknown artists and works and when I go into the Roon backup folder and initiate a backup it goes through the motions. I then restart my PC and the information is still missing, it's an absolute pain because that means I have to populate it again taking hours of work. If it wasn't the most transparent player I have had on my PC it would have been uninstalled ages ago.
It does it automatically when you configure a setting in ROON. It will save a file somewhere in your hard disk. You can then take a copy of that file and save it in a redundant location. That reminds me that I have not saved a copy of my backup DB in a safe place.

@jim204 I did not read your post before mine. So it looks like the backup is buggy. It may have been fixed with the most recent release. I would go to the ROON forums and ask the ROON developers there.
Roon won’t “find” your NAS, at least it didn’t mine. You’ll need to add it for it to look for it. You’ll need to specify the path and sign in depending on how you have your NAS setup. But then again, that is to bring a NAS library into ROON, not sure if that works as a backup too?
ROON discovery of drives and devices in your network is abysmal..... ask me how I know
I had to use my NAS’ IP address in the Roon settings for Roon to connect to my NAS. Using the NAS’ network HOSTNAME didn’t work. Once that was done it has worked flawlessly.

I setup Roon to save up to four database backups, and setup the backup schedule to run twice a week.  It also seems to work well.  I have yet to try to restore a recent backup to Roon.