Backing out of audiophilism for now

I am backing out for the moment! To much stress... See you guys sometime again whenever!

I was shure nice to chat and exchange ideas between 'audio-friends'. Thankyou.

Kind regards & adeu!
Dewald Visser
I'm sorry to hear this,but sometimes you need to remove yourself to gain perspective.It's not the investment that it was back when,somewhat of a cr*p-shoot.
I don't get it, I regard listening to music on high quality gear to be a relaxing diversion. I don't see how it could be seen as stressful. Either way best of luck to you and remember, in the end it's all about the music and nothing else.
It comes and goes. "See" you again soon!
Why are you stressed. If it is because of your system maybe it is because you are trying to please other people and their opinions instead of yourself. Remember as someone above said it is all about the music and your enjoyment and nothing else.

Wait!! Look at Pillowfight's setup again. Simple and worth every penny!
Good luck.
See you at the meetings. One day at a time my friend.

It's not all about the music in this hobby. It's all about the music for music lovers. The vast, vast majority of music lovers are not audiophiles. It's about music and equipment or music and the sound of equipment, or just equipment. I can see how Dv could be stressed out. But good luck and Im sure you'll be welcomed back if and when that happens!
I can relate. The stress for me is in the buying and selling (without which you can't really explore the boundaries of your system), dealing with the not-so-considerate people in the process, the juggling of the finances involved, and then of course there is UPS which seems to always "make your day" ... I still manage to keep the faith though, there are still plenty of good folks out there who are both true audiophiles and just plain good decent human beings, quite a few of them right here on the 'gon forum. And of course, there is the music, which always put a gigantic ear-to-ear grin on my face ... =)
At the moment I am developing a turntable. It is getting to me. I want everything to be perfect but there is all kinds of snags. I am taking it to an expo and it must be ready in 3 days! Expo starts 15 September...

My EC pre-amp was hit by lightling and here in my comminity there is nobody that can fix it. The nearest supplier for the requiered transistors is somewhere in Italy... I think it is the power-regulators. There is a nasty 108Hz hum on the outputs.

My system-room is getting to small and it makes me clausterphobic.

I cannot listen to vinyl at the moment because the EC is broken... So no relaxing there either.

I cannot believe that I went from an almost hard-core audiophile to virtually nothing in a matter of a few days! It is super-frustrating.

The turntable project is a huge money-sucker thus I can't buy a new pre-amp.

C'est la vie! That is all that I can say.
Dewald Visser
Hej - but if the music does'nt sound nice it not worth listening. People I'll rather live in silnce that use a runn-off-the-mill intigrated micro hi-fi (or whatever they're called)

I hate earphones - their just uncomfotable and unrealistic.

I can get a very, very old Sudgen Pre-amp for $30. I does'nt look like much but it may just get me in the swing of things. What do you think?

And does anyone know B & J pre-amps? A local guy is offering me one - I must be honest - I really don't know this brand.

Times is so tight at the moment that I does'nt even get time to play piano. It is no a month since I last played!

Thanks for all the moral support!

Dewald V
Seems like you need one of my *prescriptions*.
If you have a remedy it would be glad.

I recon the remedy for me a pre-amp that actually works.

(Off the record - just tested my turntable and it works like a dream. Did the tests with a crappy Pioneer receiver of one of my pals)

Thanks for the support guys! I do appreciate.

Hey, the turntable is a beaut - you can't stop now. I look forward to the rest of the pic's.
I must say, I am a bit relieved that the turntable is actually working now... I was just stressed out sick!

Looks like you've backed so far that you're back into audiophilism!
Dewald, you need to go dancing. And I don't mean going to the meat markets. If you don't know (I think you don't) you should take lessons. Enjoy the *physical* part of music.

Where I work there's about six hundred people--most of them women--and this particular 41 year old female is a salsa teacher. Her mother & brother are competition salsa dancers. She has the BEST body of all women there!!!

At the very least, get some salsa instructional DVD's and you'll get to get feel for another part of music that you seem disconnected from. Them competition salsa dancers are athletes...

With psychic power and primal intensity,