Back to vinyl need phono stage help!

Recently back in the vinyl game since the eighties! Sota sapphire VI>Origin Live silver>Hana EH. My backend is a Primaluna Evo 400>Pass Labs XA30.8>Ascend Acoustics towers. Musical tastes from Porcupine Tree to Loreena McKennitt!! Looking for phono stage help! Would take musical and dynamics over analytical any day of the week!! Sutherland KC vibe is what's been recommended to me. Price range would be around 1k to 1500. Of course there's always wiggle room lol!
the Nova is super flexible and hyper neutral

to the Op i love your music ;-) 
Wow, there are a lot of phono stages out there. I got a Musical Fidelity M6 Vinyl. Running Parasound JC2 with Primaluna Dialogue 7 monoblocks. I have 3 different cartridges that I switch out depending on music. The M6 stores all 3 settings so I only have to change the selection. It is also one heck of a pre. Here is Upscales link. They will knock some off if you ask.
Another vote for the Parasound JC3 jr. I’ve gone through a revolving door with phono stages. Higher priced and lower. Tube and SS. The Parasound just works and for the $ is a great piece. And I agree with mijostyn on that JC3. If noisy it has nothing to do with the pre. Mine is DEAD quiet.
I playing around with a bunch of brands Such as:  Allnic 1202 , Sutherland PhD, Manley, Elac Alchemy PPA -2 Phono series , Parasound  and Tom Evans Groove +, Graham Slee Accension . 
Can any one give my the choice for the biggest bang for your buck ?
I would recommend the EAT E-Glo Petit.
The unique thing about this is it can be adjusted on the fly. There is a delay between adjustment to prevent