Back to trying to upgrade Harbeth 30.1s

I'm hoping someone has done some of the work for me. I've upgraded everything else and now I'm back trying to improve on my Harbeth 30.1s. The issue is space. I need either another stand mount or a small floor stander with a similar footprint because of my listening space. I'm 8 feet from the speakers, so it's near field listening. I'm generally happy with the Harbeths but I'm hoping to squeeze out some extra dynamics and bass without sacrificing tonality. Especially interested in anyone that has done listening tests with the 30.1 vs other speakers.
I have owned the Harbeth 30.1, Compact 7 and the P3ESR. The P3ESR is the one that I like better than the larger Harbeths. I’ve also owned many other speakers but I always go back to the smaller P3 in my 20x15 listening room!!
Here are some comments on the M30.1 that I happen to agree with!
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I've owned the M30s and now the P3.  The Purist Poseidon speaker cables made a dramatic change in the P3s, making them sound much bigger and with deeper, better bass.  I never tried them with the M30s, but I think it's worth looking into. Sounds like they might give you exactly what you want.  
M30.1 is my least favorite speaker with the Harbeth line (M30 is worst with rolled off treble and a warm and dark sound). As others have mentioned, the P3ESR is worth considering. Another option if you want to get out of Harbeth is Marten, either Oscar Duo or Duke 2. Be prepared to upgrade the rest of the components to get the best out of the Marten as it is a very revealing speaker which will reveal any shortcomings with partnering equipment and cables.
I wonder how much difference the 30.2 Anniversary and now the 30.2 XD makes.  There are definitely in-room differences between the 40.1 and 40.2.
The 30.2 XD is the same as the 30.2 anniversary with more choices on the finish. A good buddy of mine owned the 30.2 anniversary and sold them after six months. They are not everyone’s cup of tea!
Well it should be easy to try a P3ESR. Those trade like currency on Audiogon. I should grab and pair a do a comparison. Thanks for the Marten suggestion @Ryder. Are they tonally closer to Raidho than Harbeth. I've tried C1s and they were too cold for me.
I was ready to purchase the M30.1 a few years ago to replace my Spendor BC-1s and s5e's, and this was after a one week home audition.  I then had the opportunity to hear the Omega Super Alnico Monitor (SAM) and I couldn't get them out of my head.  After a week or so of vacillating back and forth between the two, I pulled the trigger on the Omegas (at a savings of almost $3K). I have not looked back since - to my ears (and my wife's) the Omega's were the clear winner.  Once broken in, they are amazing speakers with all sorts of music - I listen to jazz, chamber music, Americana, acoustic, symphonies, the Who, Pink Floyd, the National, ... The Omega's midrange to me beats that of the Harbeth.  They have a solid foundation (amazing for a 6" single driver) probably because of the cabinet (although I have added some small subwoofers so I can get that lat extra bit of oomph from Mahler). I have never felt that the highs are lacking.  To show them off to family and friends, I play "Keith Don't Go" from the Nils Lofgren Live disc, and everyone comes away shaking their heads on how good these speakers sound. Here s a link to an Audiogoner talking about his SAM.
Perhaps I got this wrong.  OP is asking for more dynamics and increased bass, so he's sent by some to a speaker with a woofer almost half the size of his current one obviously contained in a smaller volume sealed box.  Humm?

I would look at an active monitor or small footprint floor stander.  No more real estate required and certainly more dynamics plus more controlled bass.  PCM, ATC, Focal.  You get the drift.
Yeah, I tried a ATC SCM 20s at our old place and loved them but I can't get power to where the speakers are. The listening space is great but has limitations.