Back to the drawing board

I hate to start this again. I really had my heart set on 2 svs sb3000. But know after careful listening or maybe this time around I realized what was happening.  So I went to best buy just to re evaluate my decision and noticed I did not like what I was hearing.  Thus time around I had a couple of hours and has my significant other with me, oh no what we heard totally ruined our previous thoughts.  In one room I listened to the rel t9i and the svs sb2000.  The svs had the out put but not the detail and it really hurt the mid range and uppers. Lower base was not full or detailed. Now the rel, wow it just blended really nice and was full, detailed and just sounded right. I'm thinking to myself this can't be right. So off to the other room, svs sb 4000, 16 ultra and the rel s5. Now again the svs has the output or pressure. But the s5 totally beats both of them on detail, disappearing,  tight,  full and more sound stage. I went back and forth between these 2 rooms, playing the same 2 tracks I have always demo with. I know my ears would not lie. So now unfortunately I am reading again. I am considering 2 t9i or 1 s3.  I think I will also demo the JL e110 and paradigm defiance x12.  Wish I could demo a rymthik,  but don't know any places to demo. I will make the trip and one place has the JL and rel. 5 miles further down I can demo the x12.  I now know the sound I want and unfortunately it's not svs with its great price and impressive output. I'm sure the subs are great, but not what me and the ms want in our system.  Has anyone demo JL and rel side by side?  I love the rel sound, is paradigm or rymthik as tight as rel. I've never listened to JL.  I guess a road trip is due. Room is 8ft ceiling 14x24, hardwood floors. Thanks for any help you can give. Pete
I still think the Vandy subs w/crossover are the least intrusive way to add subs to a system. Simple and elegant.
Mind you, I also own a pair of HSU subs (forget the model-VHS-1?), but the 2wq's are so much more seamless. I'll get the Sub 3's when I sell them.
Bob I hear you, but to me, i think they are complicated to setup. Like I said, I am really not good with this stuff.  Hence the reason I will be purchasing a anthem preamp, use the Mike and it does everything for me. I can hook up all the basic connections, but all this Hz, db, crossover, adjusting this and that etc..... confuses the heck out of me. I do love my music and ht. Thanks Pete 
I am surprised no one mentions the ARCAM AVR850.  I love the G technology.  It plays the first 50 watts in pure A.  We switched between this and the MacIntosh and the ARCAM was far superior.  A lot more detail.  What is nice it provides the best of two worlds.  Both 2 channel and surround for home theater.
Way to often, listeners are expecting the wrong performance from a sub. We mistakenly expect the sub to perform the tasks that should be performed by our mains. The detail, impact and timber we typically expect to hear in bass, is in frequencies above 40HZ. Frequencies below 60 HZ are non directional and do not contribute to the imaging character of the main speakers. There is nothing quick or detailed about deep bass; even at 40Hz, it takes over 25’ to complete one cycle. Since every room and the amount of space will effect the performance and requirement of equalization for any given sub, as others have mentioned, it’s very hard to evaluate, in a dealer’s show room, how a particular sub/subs will perform in your home.
Aside from budget, you’re room and willingness to do some experimenting with placement and settings should be the deciding factor, but any of the subs mentioned should do well at loading a medium sized room with enough clean bass energy to fill out the very bottom of your bass performance and that should be all you are trying to do with a sub.....Jim
Frequencies below 60 HZ are non directional and do not contribute to the imaging character of the main speakers.
This is often claimed, but easily proven mistaken. Low frequencies do contain directional clues - it's all about phase.
There is nothing quick or detailed about deep bass
If it's fast bass, it's not bass. If it's a fast woofer, it's not a woofer - it's a tweeter. But bass can contain an incredible amount of detail. There's much more to bass than the "thud thud thud" of a subwoofer.