Back into the Analog world


Haven't posted here in some time, as I had to sell off my last analog system last summer. I just picked up a cheap Micro Seiki w/ a Magnepan arm off ebay and now I have music again. Good listening,

TLH, congratulation to getting back into analog.

Didn't you have a Tecnodec and a Gyro before? I remotely remember discussing the Tecno in the past...How do like the Micro compared to your previous tables? I am still having my Tecnodec, but I am itching for an upgrade.

Enjoy your new setup!

Interesting question. Given that I've gone from a $4000 tube amp and several $2500-3000 speakers to an old NAD integrated and $500 speakers, its a little hard to compare. No doubt though that the Gyro/SME/Clearaudio was the best analog system I owned. But, this table/arm sounds really good; probably in part because I haven't been able to play my vinyl in some time, but my initial impression is that it may be competitive with anything but the Michell/SME and a Linn/Akito combo I had (that includes a Linn/Basik, P25, VPI 19 Jr., the Techno & Nott Horizon). I wonder if the Magnepan arm is that good, or maybe its the old Grado cartridge that came w/ the arm/table. But listening to Brubeck & some old Louie Armstrong last night, this system seemed to really "get it" musically.