back ground noise with my wilson puppy8

CAn anyone tell me how to reduce background noise with my Watt puppy8 whcih are connected to lamm1.2 and BAT 32SE as preamp. All of components are hooked to single 20amp Shunyata power conditioner. Would out of market power cable for each amp help???
What happens when you remove the Shunyata conditioner?
Try the RCA on the 1.2 it sounds better.
I'll ask the obvious, how old are the tubes in the electronics; are you hearing tube rush?
Thanks for all your responses. I think it may be the preamp, I have tried all off the above suggestion no significant difference noted. I will keep posted on any further developement once I have changed the source.
BAT tube pre-amps are very, very quiet. My VK-31SE was dead quiet. I could barely hear anything even with my ear up against the speaker. If it was the tubes in the BAT preamp, I would doubt there would be problems in both channels simultaneously.
Update: BAT recommended changing Htubes as older tubes tend to emit "radio" like cracking/hiss sounds
Update: Was electrical noise that comes on during day time. BAT preamp running very quiet now
It may your ground feedback, so try to take out either your pre or power amp (i.e, power cord earth connection). It work for my Krell/ Manley combination (My amp is operating without ground.)