Bach's Chaconne orchestrated

I heard Neeme Jarvi with NJSO last night.
I went to hear Shostakovich's 5th, but as part of the programme in the beginning they played Bach's Chaconne(they also played Haydn's 99th which I am not a big fan of but that's not why I went there anyway), orchestration by Maximilian Steinberg. I liked it a lot. I never heard the orchestrated version of Bach's Chaconne before and it was increadible. Very moving.

I also found out that Steinberg has few symphonies, so I will be investigating that as well(there are recordings of these with Jarvi that I'm interested in hearing).

I'm asking for your suggestions as far as recordings of Bach's Chaconne, orch. by Steinberg.

Looking forward to see some recommendations on CD.

Jarvi is absolutely great!
Very involved in the music, great control over the orchestra, you can tell musicians love him.
One of the best conductors today, IMO.
It seems that the recording of the orchestrated Chaconne is hard to come by. I can't seem to find any on the interent. That's a pitty.

I'm afraid I find most "orchestral" transcriptions of Bach to be pompous, bombastic, overwrought, and obnoxious. Perhaps the performance you heard was an exception, but if you're not already familiar with the original version for solo violin (Partita #2, BWV 1004), you really owe it to yourself to check it out.

Many excellent performances of this incredible piece exist (both in and out of print), and quite a few are even well recorded!

Proper internet etiquette, however, forces me to add the obligatory warning: YMMV.

But I think the more traditional injunction is far more appropriate here: "Chaconne a son gout"!
No. It was not bombastic or pompous at all. It was very delicate. I think Jarvi's style in general is lighter than some conductors. Even Shostakovich's 5th did not sound bombastic, which it certainly could, especially the finale.
And percussions were very soft sounding. Got to give credit to Randall Hicks, timpani sounded great and did not draw attention at all.
Despite few bloopers produced by the brass section(especially the french horns), overall the performance was very good.

I am familiar with Partita No.2, I have it on cd with Hilary Hahn.

Thanks for your response, Rel.