Bach Matthaus Passion

I'm looking for a good recording of Bach's Matthaus Passion on any format, but preferably vinyl. Also, is Matthew Passion the same as Matthaus Passion? Lastly, are there recordings similar to this that I should listen to?

Ethannnn the second question is easy: in Bach's passions, Matthaus=Matthew. As to best... that's a tough one. I would go for Klemperer/Philramonia Orch & Chorus & a nice cast of voices (EMI - 1961 recording/both vinyl & cd).
There's a much touted version on Teldec with N Harnoncourt that I must mention (childrens' choir, etc).

You might also be tempted by Bach's Mass in B Minor. IMO, this is a piece where, as far as I know, none of the recorded offerings are totally adequate. You may want to pick up the J-E Gardiner version on Archiv, & take it from there. This has been lauded as "the greatest piece of music". Whatever... I hope you like it!
Thanks Gregm, I was lucky to find a copy of Matthaus Passion from Archiv at my local record shop (The Analog Room) for $9 and it sounds amazing! I have the Teldec recording on cd and will never listen to it again. I asked about your recommendation, Mass in B Minor and apparently there's a reissue available. If it anything like Matthaus Passion, I cant wait to hear it!
Those are good choices above. If you want some alternatives:

For St. Matthew: Leipzig Radio Choir, Staatskapelle Dresden, directed by Peter Scheier.
Philips 412 527-2

For B Minor Mass: Also a Leipzig, Scheier, etal
Philips 432 972-2

And...Academy St. Martin, Neville Marriner
Philips 432-972-2

Then you can move on to the St. John Passion and the Christmas Oratorio
I've got those on my wish list now. Any recommendations for Organ music? I noticed Bach has several and I'd like to hear what an organ sounds like on my system. The composer does not have to be Bach.

Willem Mengelberg and Concertgebouw, live recording. If you want magic, this is it.