Bach - Goldberg Variations you favourite

These variations have been my constant companion for the last sixty years and I have a few firm favourites spanning that time and more. I believe they are with Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations the consummate art of the western civilisation.
Could you please list which ones you listen to most.
My selection is Arrau , Gould 1955 , Schiff 1983 , Dershavina , Rana and Levit.
I think Rana’s account is all encompassing for someone so young. She is certainly going to be one of the greats of this century. If so inclined try her Ravel Miroirs, it is stunning.
Would it be considered a hijack if I asked people to share their favorite versions of Chopin “Nocturnes”? I fell for these with Rubinstein’s version on RCA then moved on to Moravec’s CD reissued Conossiuer Society recordings. Recently bought Maria Joao Pires on DG and like these best of all. 

Yes, it is.

And in first position is Ivan Moravec.

Everything else is....

Hijacking, yes. Why not start a new thread with an appropriate title? You'll get more responses.
I have no objection in speaking about Chopin's Nocturnes and I shall throw my hat in the ring and say my favourite's are Arrau first then Moravec and then Barenboim. I chose Arrau because of his piano tone which can be orgiastic at times and I just think he covers it all for me. The only thing for me is no way can I listen to them all in a row the way I can The Goldbergs but a cluster of 4 or 5 is very rewarding.