Bach - Goldberg Variations you favourite

These variations have been my constant companion for the last sixty years and I have a few firm favourites spanning that time and more. I believe they are with Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations the consummate art of the western civilisation.
Could you please list which ones you listen to most.
My selection is Arrau , Gould 1955 , Schiff 1983 , Dershavina , Rana and Levit.
Getting off to a great start and some I have never heard but are food for thought. I had completely forgotten about Perahia  but as great as the interpretation is the recording of the piano has some equalisation  problems that grate with me. The plus side with Perahia is I got to hear him live in Glasgow a few years ago and have to say it was wonderful. 
      On the Harpsicord I admit to liking , Kenneth Gilbert best then Pierre Hantai both versions then Richard Eggar only with minor reservations with the instrument used in which I find some of the notes in chordal writing a bit discordant.

I agree with the near perfection of the Goldberg Variations. I never become tired of hearing them. My favorites would be Dinnerstein, Angela Hewitt, and Beatrice Rana. Also mentioned is Murray Perahia. It was John Atkinson’s favorite in the past. I have heard recently a live concert with Alexandre Tharaud. Excellent. His recorded Goldberg is on the Erato label. I have all including Glenn Gould. His verbal utterances can be a bit distracting to me.
Bach once said, “ The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.” His opinion only, but one can get a glimpse of that when listening to the Goldbergs.
Certainly music than which none is greater.  Try Ralph Kirkpatrick on cembalo.  Archiv 198 020.  Amazing tonal palette on display.
Yes Kirkpatrick made astounding Scarlatti 's... Good post.... Thanks
I think Rana’s account is all encompassing for someone so young. She is certainly going to be one of the greats of this century. If so inclined try her Ravel Miroirs, it is stunning.