Bach - Goldberg Variations you favourite

These variations have been my constant companion for the last sixty years and I have a few firm favourites spanning that time and more. I believe they are with Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations the consummate art of the western civilisation.
Could you please list which ones you listen to most.
My selection is Arrau , Gould 1955 , Schiff 1983 , Dershavina , Rana and Levit.
Most of my Classical music is on CDs.Which I enjoy tremendously. 
@chayro    Funny you should mention Zenph as that is the version of the 55 Gould that I always listen to. It is so great to hear a stunning Goldberg's without tape hiss and uneven equalisation and a wonderful piano. The only thing I hate about Gould is his version is completely devoid of repeats.

Thanks for starting this thread. The Goldbergs are a wonder and a joy. Mahgister's praise was, if anything, understated. Aquinas had five proofs for the existence of a supreme being. If he had lived to hear the Goldbergs, he undoubtedly would have had six.

Jeremy Denk (piano), Murray Perahia (piano), Dimitry Sitkovetsky (strings)
I will only add the only work more perfect than the Golberg is the Art of the fugue, but the Goldberg are expression of pure joy, where the Art is pure contemplation.... 
I only describe my impression without pretending to anything....

Maybe because my wife plays harpsichord, but as much as I enjoy several piano versions, my favorites are on the original instrument.  I have really grown to admire Richard Egarr's recording of late.