Baby Proof Floorstanding Speakers

Hello! I have an 8 month old baby and she's starting to get pretty nimble. Instead of playing with her baby toys, she enjoys trying to push over Daddy's Piega C10LTD speakers. They weigh around 130 pounds and are a bit wobbly. My wife says they have to go, and she's right, because if they somehow got knocked over they could cause a lot of damage.

So I'm now looking to find a pair of floorstanders that are baby-proof. What this means to be is VERY stable, nearly impossible to knock over. Also grills are a necessity to prevent curious fingers from damaging drivers.

These Piegas sound great ($27k list though I snagged them on ebay for $4k) and so I would like to find something with great sound quality, in particular:
  * Transparent & neutral
  * Big, dynamic sound
  * Full range

...and to make things even easier, I have a budget of $3k used.

Can you help me restore my stereo while making it safe for my baby? (and soon to be toddler!)

Thank you audio friends!
Another option is to fence off the stereo equipment.  They make plastic fencing that you could put up that could prevent the baby from getting close.  It will need to be up for about 18 months (i have a 2YO) but would be much cheaper.  I used this in front of my entertainment system for a stretch.

Check out the 
Costzon Baby Playpen, 14-Panel Foldable Kids Safety Activity Center Playard w/Locking Gate,

This is the concept that you would be looking for and instead of a "playpen" you have it open and block the wall.  
 My wife says they have to go, and she's right, because if they somehow got knocked over they could cause a lot of damage.


Damage? 130 lbs and a baby. or a toddler?

There would be NO wobbling of anything, anywhere!

Mount outboard outriggers. They may cost a few quid, but at least I (ME) won't be worried about the baby. I could care less about ANY speaker, that can't stand on it's own.  You can even add two sets of outriggers or make a base and mount the speaker to it..

I've made a couple hundred pairs through the years.. 3/4 doubled with a 1/2" round over.  3/4 mdf over 3/4 ply will hold 1500 lb speakers.
3/4 mdf over 3/4 mdf 500 lb at least..

I moved EVERYTHING out of the house and into the shop... 40 years ago, moved it back inside about 20 years ago... NOW grandkids...
Got me on the move too.. LOL

5-6 year old BOY's hands are EVERYWHERE... AS he's tapping two KT77 Golden Lyon tubes together. They were wore out BUT I left them out to throw away... 16 of them... Geeeeezzzzzz yup, I almost crapped..
WE both learned...

I think that the outriggers sound like a great idea! I checked with the Piega distributor and they can no longer get the factory outriggers for these long discontinued speakers.

I am not handy, would you know the profile of person/company I could contact to make me a pair?
Yes, they look very wobbly. You must find a way to secure them to the wall. Maybe wall ties or velcro straps? Or both?

It might be a pain to find a way that doesn't mean damage to the cabinets but it's probably going to be the same for any floorstanders out there.

Maybe it's high time manufacturers of tall speakers built in some easy and discreet means of passively securing them. 

I was actually considering using some travel straps (colour matched of course) to give my speakers some protection against being accidentally knocked over when not in use.

Your situation is obviously more urgent.
If you don't have grilles, then a change of speakers is unavoidable. Some of those shorter Wilson's look pretty stable.