Baby Proof Floorstanding Speakers

Hello! I have an 8 month old baby and she's starting to get pretty nimble. Instead of playing with her baby toys, she enjoys trying to push over Daddy's Piega C10LTD speakers. They weigh around 130 pounds and are a bit wobbly. My wife says they have to go, and she's right, because if they somehow got knocked over they could cause a lot of damage.

So I'm now looking to find a pair of floorstanders that are baby-proof. What this means to be is VERY stable, nearly impossible to knock over. Also grills are a necessity to prevent curious fingers from damaging drivers.

These Piegas sound great ($27k list though I snagged them on ebay for $4k) and so I would like to find something with great sound quality, in particular:
  * Transparent & neutral
  * Big, dynamic sound
  * Full range

...and to make things even easier, I have a budget of $3k used.

Can you help me restore my stereo while making it safe for my baby? (and soon to be toddler!)

Thank you audio friends!
How close are your current speakers to the wall? One option might be to use the wall ties used for earthquake-proofing other items than could be tipped over. 
Another option is to fence off the stereo equipment.  They make plastic fencing that you could put up that could prevent the baby from getting close.  It will need to be up for about 18 months (i have a 2YO) but would be much cheaper.  I used this in front of my entertainment system for a stretch.

Check out the 
Costzon Baby Playpen, 14-Panel Foldable Kids Safety Activity Center Playard w/Locking Gate,

This is the concept that you would be looking for and instead of a "playpen" you have it open and block the wall.  
 My wife says they have to go, and she's right, because if they somehow got knocked over they could cause a lot of damage.


Damage? 130 lbs and a baby. or a toddler?

There would be NO wobbling of anything, anywhere!

Mount outboard outriggers. They may cost a few quid, but at least I (ME) won't be worried about the baby. I could care less about ANY speaker, that can't stand on it's own.  You can even add two sets of outriggers or make a base and mount the speaker to it..

I've made a couple hundred pairs through the years.. 3/4 doubled with a 1/2" round over.  3/4 mdf over 3/4 ply will hold 1500 lb speakers.
3/4 mdf over 3/4 mdf 500 lb at least..

I moved EVERYTHING out of the house and into the shop... 40 years ago, moved it back inside about 20 years ago... NOW grandkids...
Got me on the move too.. LOL

5-6 year old BOY's hands are EVERYWHERE... AS he's tapping two KT77 Golden Lyon tubes together. They were wore out BUT I left them out to throw away... 16 of them... Geeeeezzzzzz yup, I almost crapped..
WE both learned...

I think that the outriggers sound like a great idea! I checked with the Piega distributor and they can no longer get the factory outriggers for these long discontinued speakers.

I am not handy, would you know the profile of person/company I could contact to make me a pair?
Yes, they look very wobbly. You must find a way to secure them to the wall. Maybe wall ties or velcro straps? Or both?

It might be a pain to find a way that doesn't mean damage to the cabinets but it's probably going to be the same for any floorstanders out there.

Maybe it's high time manufacturers of tall speakers built in some easy and discreet means of passively securing them. 

I was actually considering using some travel straps (colour matched of course) to give my speakers some protection against being accidentally knocked over when not in use.

Your situation is obviously more urgent.
If you don't have grilles, then a change of speakers is unavoidable. Some of those shorter Wilson's look pretty stable.   
Go to Good products and good people.
Klipschorn or La Scala.....large, stable. no grill cloth within reach, no paper cone drivers within easy reach, will give you a chance to play with lower powered tube amps for a few years.
Google "Speaker Outrigger"

All kinds of stuff and ideas will come up..

20.00 - what ever you want to pay (200.00 max ay).

Custom cut with a CNC and expensive materials. Make a pair of robo legs. A cool million aught to do it... They have kid and animal sensors, they flip up a barricade, and plastic bags cover the speakers...

The real expensive model has a transporter.  It just moves Junior from inside the perimeter to their crib... Huge electric bill though..:-)

LOL.  I use to work on concrete pump trucks.  They have some outriggers. The computer can actually tell you the best way to set them up for stability and safety, GPS..

Hook that to the top of the cabinet.. "Flip" the ol auto level, switch..

It's only 130 lbs.. Hang um... "Hang um HIGH". Weird music, with a kazoo!!


24" X 24" X 2" thick. Look at it.. set up for spikes. Remove the handle, do your body work, paint work... GREAT base... 89.00 shipping included.

OR you can go to a local pump repair shop.. Schwing, Putz.. Sells boom pipe and hoses, they usually have outrigger pads in stock.. AS a courtesy.
50-100.00 usd.. Sonic Nuget for the builder bunch, too..

They can be split and put on a stand mount. Routed for two planars, they make great SOLID wood structures.
NO VOIDS... they will hold 20 metric tons..or more..compressed, 130 no problem..

I am in the same boat as you. My son though was huge for a 2,3, 4 year old and with a running start I think can knock down most floor standers. Between the ages of 2 and 3 my boy just wanted to run and sort of body check things. When he hit 4 his brain said to try something else and he is no longer a threat to knock things over or punch in a driver. I blame most of the past behaviour on my wife’s genes.

So what I did during these first years was get a small bedroom and make it my office/music room that only I went into. I have piece of mind and good sound in this small room. It is not as good as a larger room but when I want to play loud I get out my Meze Empy headphones.

Now that my boy is 4 and more mature I can look into putting even a light weight speaker in the living room.

BTW - great photo of your son and speakers. I love playing tunes in the home office with my 4 year old kid lounging on the bean bag.
Not a perfect solution, but outboard feet will greatly enhance their stability.

Google Soundocity


As above--used their outriggers  multiple times and love them.  Get over-sized ones.  Or, if you have carpet and cheap osb flooring, with a little modification you could literally screw the outriggers right into the osb!!  Now try to knock that over.
I agree with the above... but a stern no, and redirect works as well. I have three grandkids... 8, 5, 1.5... “NO” has worked just fine...
The problem is if you’re not home. My wife not as stern as me and when I would come home my 60lb amp would be pushed off the bottom glass shelf and lying half cocked on the floor. My 2 yr old did this many times. Never when I was home. My wife couldn’t lift it and it was just lying there. Brought tears to my eyes. Agree with the Klipsch recommendation, if you can stand horns. 
Second on the Sound City 3rd party outriggers. Google is your friend. 
I have the same problem. My solution to protect the JBL L112’s and my toddler was to hide the speakers inside a cabinet.  
I got an ikea cabinet with solid wood doors. I cut the center out of the doors, and covered that new hole with upholstery fabric to let the sound through. Also added child-proof locks to keep everything shut.  
This may be an acoustically awful solution, but it will keep baby and the speakers safe for the next few years. Out of baby’s sight, out of baby’s mind. 
You could try laying some of those zap mats designed to keep pets away from things. "If you give them a short, sharp, shock, they won't do it again."
Any speaker you place there will have the same results. If the child gets used to the speakers and environment there, then they eventually disappear into the landscape of the room. You have to say "No".  You can play with the child near the area to show them the speakers and equipment are part of the landscape, do to speak. As soon as the child veers off into touching or going to the direction of the speakers, then you say no and resume playing in the vicinity. 

I had two stand mount speakers in my living room since my 2 kids' birth. Of course they were curious but a quick "NO" and resume elsewhere/redirect  eventually worked.  The speakers and equipment just became invisible into the room at some point.

If you replace with a $500 or $50,000 speaker, that won't change the child's behavior. 
Bith you and your wife need to be on the same page with this.
Good luck

I feel fortunate.  My kids were 3 and 5 when we divorced.  They never touched my stacked Quad ESL's.  Fluttermans which were on the floor next to the Quads or turntables located on a low shelf.
If you can find a pair, the AV123 strata minis are pretty darn nice, and would be almost impossible for a baby to damage let alone knock over. 
I second They made some custom outriggers for a pair of Von Schweikert dB99 speakers that I used to own (and miss). They can custom make a set for your speakers. I think I paid about $400-$500 for mine.
I'd go to the local Home Depot and buy a 2' x 4' piece of plywood 1/2" thick or more.  Cut it in half and attach each 2' x 2' piece to the bottoms using the spike threads.  It'll be cheap and make them very difficult to knock over.
I have a German Shepard that likes to knock over my floor standing speakers. Built a stand with protective railings & pushed them close to wall so my stands touch the wall. Hurts sound, but the dog is staying. At least your child will grow out of this phase, my dog is a 100# wrecking machine.
You could try suspending the speakers from the ceiling. Hang them horizontally? Use really good bookshelf speakers in macrame slings? Experienced Dad talking here. Five systems in the house. Don't take chances with the kids. I have watched three year old twin boys tear a screen door off a house in two minutes flat - just for fun.
I got a set of these in a smaller set, they’re amazing. I wonder if the larger set might help in your case?

Great folks, super helpful. I would bet they’d even customize what you might need.

Adorable picture, btw! My little girls already 8. They grow too fast.
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"I got an ikea cabinet with solid wood doors."
No way!

IKEA and solid wood?
Some patience, some vigilance, some repetition, and she will get it. Hopefully, unharmed. When she gets it, still remain as vigilant as ever. If it is not speakers, it will be the chair. If it is not the chair, it will be refrigerator. There is no way to childproof the home, but there is a way to teach. Instead of hiding things you like from her, enjoy sharing them with her. She will enjoy it too, but may need directions. That is why you had her. Good luck.