B&WCDM9NT vs. Vienna Acoustic Beethoven

I have a Plinius 8200 integrated with an Arcam FMJ23 cd player. I'm looking for a speaker that would be a good fit. Along with those two, how about the Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home? I listen primarly to Jazz, Rock, Pop etc. The cables are AP and Harmonic Tech. Any suggestions?
My dealer shows the Plinius 8200 integrated w/the Beethovens: Beautiful music! I owned the Beethovens for a year (w/Ayre amp and preamp) and thought it one of the most musical, versatile combos I have ever heard. I love the Beethovens, and was sorry to have to part w/them.
In my view, the B&W CDM 9NT is one of the best candidates in its price class, although it can be difficult for some amps to drive. I am not familiar with the Plinius 8200, so I can't comment on how that combination would sound. Obviously, you'd want to hear both speakers with your amplifier and if you can't arrange for an in-home demo, then I'd seriously consider bringing your amp to any local dealers who sell those speakers. I'm sure that most credible dealers would be happy to demo the speakers using your amplifier. Of course even this type of audition is no substitute for an in-home evaluation, but it may give you some insights as to how the Plinius/B&W combo will sound.