B&W with Epos

I'm looking to replace the rear speakers I'm using now for SACD and DVD-A.My mains are B&W 805's. I'm looking at one of the bookshelf's from the 600 series, and also the Epos ELS-3. I'm using a Denon 4802 right now. I've only read good things about Epos,and the ELS-3's seem like a good match.
Ideally, you would want to stay with speakers from the same manufacturer, as that is the foolproof way to insure a better tonal match across all your speakers. You would want the sound to be all in the same family. This is said assuming that you can distinguish and/or would be bothered by noticeable tonal differences.

I have owned the EPOS ELS-3, as well as the B&W 302's and am very familiar with the sound of the B&W 600 series. The EPOS and B&W sound somewhat different in that the B&W's emphasize the treble more so than the EPOS and the EPOS have a more fuller sounding mid-range.

If your set-up were just for movies, I don't think that the difference would be all that great ... but for high rez music, I would stick with 303's or 600's for the rear speakers.

Regards, Rich