B&W vs PSB

I have had a pair of B&W CDM 7NT for years and have been happy. I have an opportunity to pick up a pair of PSB Synchrony One's. How much of an improvement should I expect?
I don't know about the synchrony ones but I auditioned the twos and they were great.
The PSBs will trounce the B&Ws. You will have to go far up the B&W line to get comparable performance. You can use a less powerful amp as well.
Looking at the specs for both speakers, it's important to compare but of course listening to both is vital.

PSB Synchrony One B&W CDM 7NT

30hz to 20,000hz 40hz to 20,000hz
90 dB sensitivity 90dB sensitivity
4 ohms nominal impedance 8 ohms nominal impedance
full range speaker 2-1/2 way speaker

So the PSB will need more power to drive it because of its 4 ohm nominal impedance vs the B&W CDM 7NT at 8 ohms. The PSB will go lower in bass ext vs the B&W. THe PSB is a full range speaker vs the B&W being a 2-1/2 way. So as long as you have the extra power, the Synchrony One will be superior to the B&W CDM 7NT.
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$2,000 (B&W CDM 7NT) vs $4,500 (PSB's). For that price difference I should expect a significant improvement.
Thanks all
Your feedback is what I assumed I would hear. I should have also asked if you all feel the PSB's would be good in a Home Theater application as well?
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The PSB is the much better speaker over the B&W model in question as it should given it's price. We are loving the Synchrony's here in the showroom.