b&w vs m&k opinions please

hi all,

i am looking for some opinions on the 2 sets of HT speakers i have.

i have a M&K S-5000thx 5.2 set up that i have been using for a couple of years and i just acquired a B&W THX 5.2 set which consists of FCM8 fronts, PCS 12” passive woofers and SCM8 surrounds.

both sets were manufactured around the mid 90's.

i just hooked up the b&w set last night and it sounds good. its different compared to my M&K set but they both are nice.

im wondering if anyone has heard both and could comment on which they preferred or just comment on either set for whatever reason. i will be looking to sell one set so i am trying to figure things out.
Well I thought I'd respond with something for you. I own B&W speakers in my HT sound system and love them. They incorporate the current technology using the FST mid-range drivers, tapered tube aluminum tweeters, most up to date hand picked cross-overs, etc. You may want to try and sell the older B&W speakers you have from the early 1990s and invest in the current B&W models, either the CM or 600 series to start out with. Suggest you study the B&W site to better understand their current line and the benefits derived from these newer designs. Just my recommendation.
I guess you caved in Mike. I still have the one you demo'ed off me. Only the M&K SS150 my friend has is comparable. Both are amazing and congrats. You will be disappointed in your B&W THX set. Though they are old, they are great for HT unless you need them for 2 channel
Sorry I meant you won't be disappointed.
hi felix?, thanks for commenting. the set came up and i had to satisfy my curiosity. after i passed on your set i went with the m&k line. i went from s125's to s100b's and then s-5000thx. the 5000's are unbelievable and the b&w's are just as superb. they have their differences but i would be happy with either set.

i find the b&w's very musical. i am still comparing the two sets tho.

thanks again fife for the input!