B&W VS Dynaudio .........

I've grown bored with the sound of my B&W n803's and was considering replacing them with with Dynaudio contour 3.3's. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the 3.3's would mate well with my other components.

Marantz SA14
KAV 250a (I intend to replace this with 250mc's and run cast)
Transparent Reference interconnects & Synergistic Research resolution Reference speaker cables.

I am open to suggestions regarding equipment if someone cares to enlighten me.

Thanks in advance,

Hey 2001impala,

I've heard that the Dyn' 3.0's sound a little better overall than the 3.3's. Just my .02.......John
You might try a few different things to improve your sound.

Dynaudio is very good (might even be better), but might give you a similar cool, dry sound quality as your B&Ws -especially with your Krell system.

First, I would recommend replacing your Krell preamp with perhaps a good tube preamp. Although it would seem to be the best mate to your Krell amps, I find that Krell preamps are not as musical as many others (i.e. Hovland, ARC, CJ, Rogue Audio, or even the Adcom GFP-750, etc.).

Or you could go with a simple approach and consider the BV Audio A300S integrated amplifier. It doesn't look too fancy, but it should improve your sound over your current Krell system -and the price is outstanding (well under $2k) for the sound that you get (extremely neutral from top to bottom). They also have a very fancy new amplifier that I guess is just now been released.

Or you could move up to Clayton Audio pure Class A solid-state. These will easily outperform Krell, and pretty much anything else out there that I have yet heard -tube or solid state. A preamp upgrade from your current Krell is recommended here as well.

Then, if you still want to upgrade your speakers, I would have you consider the Silverline Audio Sonata II or the Sonatina II, or even the Corona II (also, the ProAc Response 2.5 is also one of my favorites) depending upon how much bottom end extention and power you want. Easily outperforming (musically) similarly priced B&W models. Superb voicing and excellent musicality, not to mention good looks, make Silverline a must hear.

Authorized dealer for Clayton Audio and Silverline Audio.
It somewhat depends on your taste in music, but if you like Rock / jazz / R&B, Dynaudio driven by Krell is excellent, IMO. I have the Contour 3.0's driven by the FPB-200c, absolutely love it. The upgrade from the KAV-250a (which I owned before the FPB) was a really nice one, though I thought the KAV-250 was an excellent performer for the price. Depending on your budget, you may want to look into the Confidence line, though I wouldn't suggest you do so unless an FPB-class amp is in your near future. Dynaudios really like the juice behind them, but if you provide it they will reward you.
I would first suggest the changing amp as some other people suggest. I think (my opinion - but changes regularly) B&W are more revealing of amplification than they are of themselves.
Krell is great with B&W but maybe lacks the interest factor. Try a tube pre or Musical Fidelity SS.
You could look at other speakers as a second option. As a B&W owner, the only speakers I like better than B&W are ATC. There are both active and passive 50's. Try to demo these speakers. I can describe sound if you want.
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