B&W Tweeter Help

Replaced the tweeter in my Matrix 802, but can't get the grill-cloth cap to stay on.
I snap it on and it just snaps off. Tried turning it like a jar lid, won't stay.
Anyone know the secret?
What do you mean by grill cloth cap? If I remember correctly, the tweeter grill was metal. I don't think there was any type of cloth. Did you buy the speakers used? If so, they may have been modified. That tweeter has a reputation for being harsh/bright. It's possible that the cloth was used to dampen the highs.
Yes it's metal, bought them new, replaced the tweeter, and now can not get the "metal grill cloth cap" to stay on.
Are the retainers still there? If not, you need them. If yes, make sure they're not bent.
Every thing is original and complete, just can't get the grill cap to stay on.