B W Subwoofer ASW-2000 vs. ASW-2500

What are the differences in music, movie?
I own an ASW-2000 but due to wife complain too big, black … therefore I would trade in for ASW-2500 but I’m afraid of losing the sound quality/performance. Suggestions appreciated.
Check out the HSU research VTF-2 subwoofer, small footprint but great performance. Only $499.
See your other thread under Home Theater for my post.
The 2500 is a good sub but it doesn't seem to go as deep as the 2000 making it better for music than HT. HT use demands that IMPACT, SLAM and super low frequency that honestly neither produce but... the 2000 does better job at.

I've read that ACI Titan II's are pretty good. I plan to get a pair to replace my ASW 2000 soon. The ACI's are 13" x 16" and 26" tall. Plus come in a number of finishes.

You can read about them at: ACI Home Page
go with two asw 500 you will truely be amazed i work with b&w on a daily basis