B W Subwoofer ASW-2000 vs. ASW-2500

What are the differences in music, movie?
I own an ASW-2000 but due to wife complain too big, black … therefore I would trade in for ASW-2500 but I’m afraid of losing the sound quality/performance. Suggestions appreciated.
Check the reviews at audioreview.com; Also take a look at the REL Q201E. It is really small and really shines with music and HT. It lists for $1595 and is a steal at that price. Ambrosia Audio has a demo for $1276.
Keep your ASW 2000, really. If you have already purchased a 2500, you have probably noticed that is is noticeably less efficient than your 2000. If you wish, however to please the wife, think about getting away from black instead of getting away from big. Try an ASW 4000. It is available in natural cherry or dark cherry finish, is a bit larger than the 2000, but the sound is phenomenal, never clipping, and blends smoothly with the most demanding speakers.