B & W Speakers - What's Up?

What's up with all of the recent listings for B & W speakers from sellers with Zero feedback? I also note that most of these listings require payment by MO or certified check (not CC or Paypal whereby someone would have to establish some resemblence of an identity).
Probably just what you think is up. Anybody who would buy under those circumstances deserves what they get.
Always use legal recource when buying or just admit to yourself that there are speakers that sound better than what you think sound best. You need the money more no matter what, unless you don't have to have a job, regardless of what you may be buying. See if the seller will agree to COD.
Do not buy! There has been tons of fraud in this site on the last year. Be careful. I would never wire money with out meeting in person first. If you are shopping in the $10,000+ range a plane thicket is negligible.
exactly right. good idea.
Pull the FaceTime card.