B&W speakers sounding very harsh?

Hey guys, brand new here.

So I recently got a new sound system for my game room. Keep in mind as I'm explaining everything that I'm brand new to the world of sound systems and how they work.

Here's what I'm using: I have a Marantz SR7015, a pair of B&W 702 S2's that are being powered from a Rotel amp (can't remember the model) , 700 series center channel, 600 series rears (the anniversary edition) and the 1000w sub. I also have 4 overhead speakers that are no B&W's.

The system sounds amazing! .....except for one thing. The highs sound very harsh on certain songs. It's almost like I hear a crackling if that makes sense but even putting my ears up to the speakers I can't pinpoint it. A good example is T.N.T. by AC/DC, when I listen to this song it's almost like I can hear a buzzing or crackling coming from somewhere (watch me explooooooooooode!) and the highs of the song sound very grating. Again, I'm having difficulty pinpointing what it could be and I listen to some songs and they sound just fine.

Keep a few things in mind. A. The sound system is relatively new and the sound system has probably 60 total hours of play time. I've read that these systems do require break in time. I also started from scratch learning how to configure everything (it took me 2 days before I figured out how to get sound of the speakers turned on) so it's possible I may have the tweeters turned up too high.

Based on the limited info I was able to give, does anyone have any advice? TY!
@vgundam21My setup is similar to yours. I have the Marantz 8805 with a McIntosh 8207. Used for both music and movies. I’m running 4 REL S510  subs with the high level connection. Running audyssey wiped out my bass as well. I called REL and they suggested unplugging the high level cable and run audyssey again. That did the trick. Dialed in the volume on the subs after reconnecting. Your Marantz should have a stereo mode in the set up menu to allow 2 channel music including your sub. Hope this helps. 
Happy listening. 

Call the dealer that sold you the system and they should be able to assist you.  If it was a local dealer, they should come to your home and help you address the problem. If you bought it used or from someone who refuses or cannot assist you, PS Audio claims that they will help anyone with any equipment, even if purchased elsewhere.  So maybe try that. Best of luck. 
Yes, b&w are bright speakers, no doubt about it... I still have the 601 v1 from late 90s, I also have owned the cdm-9nt, and I have listened to a lot of them... All very bright.   
Same goes for focal and monitor audio.
They image well in the treble of course.
I got my model wrong in the post above. I had the 703s (not 702s) which is very similar to the current 702 from a driver layout perspective. 

I think you have just accurately and succinctly described the sound of B & W speakers.