B&W Speakers Series 80 Model 801

hello, i have a set of model 801 speakers and the woofer is blown on one of them. they are in great shape with covers and other extras intact. does anyone know if there are resources to find parts or have an opinion about whether or not they are worth getting repaired or trying to repair on my own? i'm handy but by no means an expert. they were passed down by a family friend along with a big yahama amp and pre-amp and have sentimental value, but they are starting to take up too much space. thanks for any input.
Try Parts Express speaker rebuilding parts ans repair service.
Simply Speakers in Florida is another good resource for parts & repair. Good Luck!
I have a pair of early Series 80. And I agree with many others in saying these are very good sounding speakers - especially compared to others in their price range. Say $1000-1500 range used.

Would be worth spending some money on to repair is bottom line.

But if you're not planning to keep them, then perhaps offer for sale as is?

And if you want to consider selling just the components, send me an email....bwcarter"at"telus.net

I'm pretty sure I'm too far away to afford shipping the cabinets. Alberta, Canada.