B&W speakers running on Mac 4 ohm taps?

I own a pair of 803S which I am driving with a MAC352. I have read in a few forums that people like the sound of B&W speakers hooked up to the Mac 4 ohm taps rather than the 8ohm taps.

If anyone has tried, what are the advantages and is it safe for the amp and speakers?
yes, it's safe. I always experiment with the different taps on my Mac. There is nothing bad that can happen from this.
4 ohm taps use additional transformer windings and can often deliver more current.

I have found this to typically be at the expense of upper frequency sparkle and ultimate drive but it is worth a shot.

I am not speaking in regards to Macs, just in general. I almost always use the 8 ohm taps.
Using a lower impedance source is not a problem. A problem would exist using 4 ohm speakers on a 8 ohm tap. THAT could damage the amp because too much current can flow through the speakers and the amp would overheat, or blow fuses.
What you are doing is fine, and may deliver a bit more snap, or sense of aliveness.
I have another question in line with this discussion. With a 6 ohm rated speaker having separate bass and m/t connectors and using a mac amp can one use both 4ohm and 8ohm of the mac in a true bi-wire configuration. Such as hooking the 4ohm to the bass unit of the speaker and the 8ohm tap separately hooked to the m/t unit of the speaker.
You could probably get away with it.. though because of the impedance mismatch you would totally screw up the tonal balance of your speakers.
I would NOT use both 4 ohm and 8 ohm taps to biwire your speakers, it would be an aural mess.

So based on your response I should use all four separate cables on either 4ohm or the 8ohm taps. The cables come as 4 individual strands not shotgun configuration.
correct. good luck! (I own B&W 805s and like your 803s)