B&W speakers and SF lower end

I had thought I was buying SF Concerto or Concertinos then I noticed the B&W 805s and the older 602s. I am buying soon. Any input?
I've owned the Sonus Faber Grand Piano, listened to the Concertino and own the B&W N805 and CDM1SE. If you listen to mostly slow jazz and vocals, the Sonus Fabers will be more suitable. If your musical range is wider, the B&W's may be more appropriate. The Sonus Fabers need very careful matching when it comes to playing rock material or they will sound plodding and muddy. The B&W's are more forward-sounding in nature and need careful matching as well in order not to sound too harsh or bright in the upper registers. You can check out the archives as there are lots of discussion on both Sonus Faber and B&W speakers. If you prefer the Sonus Faber sound, most likely you won't like the B&W's, or vice versa.

On a separate note, the 805S is much better than the 602's as they are both in a different league altogether, separated by the 705 monitors.
I agree with Ryder - good advice.
Click on this link to search the archives. Just type in the keyword "B&W 805S" or "Sonus faber" or "Concertino" etc.
what's the rest of your system? what amplifier?
I plan to get an Outlaw RR2150 to use with them. I still not sure of that being a good match.