B&W Speaker Selection Help-Maybe Amp help

I have 804 matrix, HTM center channel and THX-SCM8 B&W speakers for my threater system. I have $2000 to spend and am looking for advice on upgrading my speakers. I want to stay with B&W and am evaluating N804's and an nautilus HTMI center channel. Which one to upgrade? Also have a Denon ARV4800 amp. Maybe I should just update the amp> I'm a novice audiophile who really appreciates the sound but technically not up to speed on selections.
I'd buy N805 rather than N804.
I sell the Nautilus where I work.Whereas I would definitely agree with Poorguy if it were your current Matrix speakers I would say that the 805 would be a better choice value wise than 804 (and the 803 Matrix for that matter) the new ones are all competitive at their price points.If you tilt towards HT than I would say go for the $1K center and the 805's and maybe upgrade your Sub with the $1500.If you tilt towards music and have the room than keep your current center and go deep and make a deal on the 803's which at $5K offer the most bang for the buck (people look at me starnge when I say they are a "bargain" at that price.Untill they go listen to what other companies shill for a few grand more).I don't know if your amp has a pre-out but you might want to look for a good "brite" higher quality amp looking ahead to a more "audiophile" surround pre.All of this tilts you toward music because as good as your reciever is a "audio" as opposed to "video" -'Phile will set up a two chanell set up with a processor switch or throughput for HT.Get back to me on electronics stuff.But think any of the new Nautilus stuff will please you with the change from Matrix in almost every respect.
My advise would depend on how what percentage of your listening will be to two channel stereo and what percentage of your listening will be done to your home theatre. If the majority of your listening will be with music I would suggest selling the Matrix 804 and purchasing the N803's. I own them and they are very good speakers. If you find that you want to add low end extension for your music or for your Home Theatre you could add a REL subwoofer when your finances permit.

If the majority of your listening involves home theatre I would suggest purchasing the N805's and a Sunfire or Velodyne subwoofer. B&W makes subwoofers as well. I have never listened to them so I cannot recommend them. I have a friend who just purchased a home theatre system that consisted of 4 805's, the HTM1, and the B&W ASW400 subwoofer. It is being installed next week. Feel free to contact me about how that system sounds.

Either way upgrading your electronics would be a good idea. I am to understand that Rotel makes home theatre and stereo equipment that mates well B&W loudspeakers and is not outrageously priced. If you have a little more to spend the Bryston equipment is also supposed to be a good match. Good Luck