B&W Speaker Boxes - Advice


I'm new to the forums and was wondering if people sell speaker boxes on the Audiogon classifieds? I have a pair of 804S boxes sitting in my garage.

I hope this is not an inappropriate question for the forums. I'll post on them for sale in the classifieds if its ok and if folks think they have some value / could help someone out.

If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated!
I'm sure they would be of some value to somebody.List them in the classifieds and see if you get any takers.If they don't sell by the end of the ads run,put them on e-bay or audio circle.Good luck.
any topic is appropriate with this crowd!

I imagine a lot of folks would like to get their hands on original shipping materials!
There are always people advertising they don't have original boxes.Those people may want boxes.
Many thanks - I'll get them up for sale! I'm really happy with the 804S - and my garage will be a much happier place.
Don't do it! I would pay 10% more for a speaker if it is properly packed for shipping. If you ever decide to go for the 803d, and you might, you will regret selling the boxes.

Put them in the attack or hang them in an upper corner of the garage with a few small nails and some twine.
In my opinion, you can't rate your speakers a "9" without the original boxes (although, some people do). I agree that they are worth less without the boxes.
Thanks for the add'l thoughts. What your saying makes alot of sense. My problem is that here in the sunny (or snowy as the case may be these days) - we don't have attics or basements. This makes the garage pretty crowded.

So - another question - given the added value of properly boxed speakers - any thoughts on the value of the boxes?

again - many thanks!