b&w slotted screw on the back tension torque????

hello everyone
i am user of b&w diamond series
on the backside of my speakers there is a slotted screw
my local dealer said just use it without removing it .there is no manual or tension parameter for that screw
but on b&w website they say call local dealer for tension reset!!!
so anyone who has the same experience as me who fastened tight the screw has a solution what tension should it be reset ?
prior to you help thank you very much
I've read where you snug it down tight and then back off half a turn. Give it a try...
Depends on what you are discussing. There is a Philips screw that holds a small plate in place for transportation security. That screw (and plate) can be removed once the speaker is in place.

The screw actually threads through a larger flat, one-slot device which tensions the midrange driver mounting. It has been factory-set and need not be adjusted. It should NEVER be removed.

Strangely, there is no mention of any of this in the user's instructions.
thanx for both of you i was actually refering the one slot screw
when i fastened up tight sound became really solid so i loosened a bit then sound became smooth.
i found that the transportation philips screw and plastic plate which secure midrange during transportation has a paper between them which says remove after transportation is done and the hint is that paper is bent a little bit
so the correct factory setting is one slotted screw should be protrude a little bit out from aluminium surrounding at which just a finger tight yension can be feeled
that is my conclusions
anyone who has exact numerical tension paramer please give me some help