B&W Silver Signature 25 Anniversary Edition, INPUT

OK!!! so I fell in love with these monitors like 20 years ago and have a second chance to once again buy a pair,(Bad idea?). Any Audiogoners,out there who may have had a personal love affair like me need your help . Questions I have, why separate metal boxes containing crossover networks of each monitor is this a good thing? today you don't see that how do they sound? will I be disappointed with bottom end and of course the lists go on and on, pro's and con's need your advice!!!! appreciate your help, Thank you.......
The B&W Silver Signatures are absolute classics. I share your love for these speakers and came close to buying them in the past myself. I can't predict how much you will like the sound but what I do know is that if you aren't happy with them you won't have any trouble selling them. Just don't pay too much! $3K-4K is a fair price, depending on condition.
I felt exactly the same and did own a pair. Will never forget them but have moved on, bigger speakersvetc. As sweet as they are with spice and honey, they do sound slow and excel in vocals which i never foget. Time have change and ther are more even handed speakers at good 2nd hand prices that perform better overall.

If it is a 2nd system purely for vocal music, i would still love to snag a pair. Btw the crossover is pure silver capacitor and inductor and wiring. Not cost effective these days and a never again product that can remain commercially competive with todays silver proces.

Btw even the voice coils are pure silver! Extremely a boutique product and a steal at a few grand.