B&W Signature 805 vs Dynaudio SE 25

Please I would like to ask you differences about these two speakers (advantages, disadvantages, which speaker is better and why in all frequencies range-from low to high frequencies). I listen almost to jazz, vocal jazz, 60's,70's,80's,country music and classical music.
I read, that Dynaudio SE 25 is better in low frequencies, B&W signature 805 in mid and high frequencies.
Here's an interesting thread from Audio Asylum:

You've got to listen to them yourselves. I wanted to upgrade from Dynaudio 50s to B&W Nautilus speakers. However, After demoing them in the showroom, I found I much preferred the Dynaudio sound. The B&Ws sounded muddled to me (at least the 805s did, the N804, I thought, sounded beautiful). Its so subjective, that you've got to listen to them and decide for yourself.