B&W Signature 805 vs 802 D???

Is there any sonic advantage of the smaller monitor signature 805 over the full range 802D?

I am wondering if the Signature 805 offers more precise imaging and soundstaging than a full range speaker could.

Any thoughts?
This may or may not help. I have the B&W Silver Signature's, which are supposedly quite a bit better than your 805 Signature's. No offense intended, for the cost of $8,000.00 back in 1991 they'd better be better. I have been listening to the new 804's whenever I stop by the dealer's, usually once every 2-3 weeks.

Last week he had the 803D's in and hooked up, but not the 802D's. The 803D's sounded so good that I started considering selling my Silver Sig's to get a pair. The imaging and soundstaging of the 803D's were EVERY BIT as good as my Silver Signature's. The quickness and slam were also exceptional, they were actually rattling the windows in the store, and they were as clean and clear as anything I've ever heard.

This is the first time in all of my years with my Silver Signature's that I've run across a speaker that I liked enough to go beyond the "Yeah, they'd be nice to have!" to "How much can I get for my Silver Sig's and how much more do I need to come up with!!!".

I would like to assume the the 802D's are much better at an additional $4,000.00, and I've heard that they are. Hope this helps.

Have a great day!
How frustrating to type a nice reply and then bump refresh!

I made this exact change. If your amp and room are up to it, I find the 802D's better in every way. I liked the advantages of the 802D's in my system but I felt they could improve with more power, I have a good size room, so I switched amps and this helped a lot.

If I couldn't of switched amps, what would I have prefered? Good question. Once hearing what the 802D's added it would of been hard to go back, although I liked my previous set up a lot.

I suggest if you can't take 802D's home, take your amp and S805's to the dealer.
The sound of the 802D is unbelieveable( but so is the price ) the bass response is like having a sub hooked up. I have heard them at a dealers showroom in a not so great room so i can just imagine what they would sound like at home. If you have the money ( and amp ) get the 802D you will not be sorry.
I had a pair of regular 802N's. I wanted to see if I could save some money and upgrade my CD player by going down to the 805 SIG's. I was sorry I did. Even while using a sub with the 805 SIG's, The 802's just seems to have better imaging and overall a fuller sound stage. The only way I could see the SIG's winning agaisnt the 802's is if you would be using the Sig's for home theater. If not, I would go with a pair of 802's and if you can afford it even the 802D's.
I traded in my surround system of 700 series B&Ws and payed 6-7k extra for the 802Ds. My only regret is that I don't own the 800Ds... Then I would have nothing to pine over.

I have them hooked up to a Bryston SP1.7 (two channel bypass) into a Bryston 9B SST where I bi-amped the 802Ds (bi-channelled?). All I can say is, phenomenal. Like Orfe said, bass response is like a sub and the sound is unbelievable. I haven't even gotten the spike kit yet, so I can't change their tilt a little to align better with my seating position, but I am still overwhelmingly impressed. The 805 will lack bass in comparison. I don't see how a smaller speaker could offer better soundstaging or imaging. My 705s sure didn't in comparison to my 703s, and my 703s sure didn't in comparison to my 802Ds. The trade-in was worth every penny to me, it took my music to another level, as it should for the price difference.
I heard the 805 signature at a dealer , and they didnt come
anywhere near the Sonus Faber Extrema i had at the time. Sure it is in another pricerange, so there should be a difference. However
I recently audioned The 802 Diamonds at the same dealer. They where SOOOOOOO good. The best I have heard period. Far better then the 802N or Extremas I used to own. Not saying the SF dont have any qualities( they are really good), or the old 802n is a bad speaker. The 802D to my ears, just exceled them both in every aspect.I even heard the 800N signature, and i didnt like them as mutch as the 802D... well, It could be just me.