B & W Signature 30 Best At Any Price?

Does anyone else think that this limited edition $12,000 30th anniversary speaker from B&W is worlds better then the 800 Nautilus series and among the best speakers found at any price?
I haven't heard the 30's yet, but I did audition the 801 and 802 as recent as yesterday. I'll stick with my Martin Logan Quest Z's. And, I agree, their product line (with the exception of the DM302 and DM601) are overpriced. Jeff
The Avalon Eidelon will beat the B&W signature thirty. Two of my best friends have them, and the Eidelons' win. They are a window into the event you are listening too. I have B&W Nautilus 805's, with a REL Strata III myself.
In Europe the #30 cost only $ 8000 same as 802N and I heard them both the 802N win hands down. Overall there are better speakers for the same money...just my 0.02 Jack
the signature 30 is a limited speaker just like the signaure 25.
if you like the sound of the ss25, you sure will like the s30's.
it is a very detailed transparent speaker.
it use pure silver masive wires from terminals to the units.
there are no printboards inside this speaker and therefore uses a wooden board with all components attached and connected with the very same masive silver wire.
when connected to good equipment and the right cable, these speakers will sound breathtaking!
if you like the sound of the ss25, you shore like the sound of these babys.

i use classé components and siltech g7 speaker wires and interconnects.
do not use ofc copper cables with these speakers, they can sound harsh in the mids, hights and to much bass.

Note: not everybody likes the sound of the signature range.
I personally like the sound of the folowing speakers:
-silver signature 25 prefered
-signature 30 prefered
-signature 800
signature diamond prefered

Prefered: like the sound of 2way speakers.

Even after all these years these speakers still sound up to date.