B&W SCM8's for the back cannel... please help

Hello.. I own the entire older now discontinued B&W thx cinema system. i added a energy sub18xl for the low lfe with an outboard processor because the PCS8's do not play low.. and am considering a second pair of scm8's for the back wall... I cannot seem to find these anywhere.. are they that hard to find..??
Can anyone please offer any suggestions on if you feel that is a good choice to add a second pair for the back wall..
if anyone has any help they can offer me as to who may be selling a pr of scm8's please let me know.. Is there a comparable back surround speaker that would compliment the scm8's if i was to consider a height channel??
Well if you can't find the Scm8's, I have a pair of white B&W DS6 THX surrounds which I bought new in the box! I only opened the box to inspect, & then held one up on the wall while still in it's factory bag. The actual installation was shoot down by significant other, w/ one Goofy Look & stating they look like Birdhouses. So they are new in box 10/10 condition, w/ unfiled warranty papers & unread manual if interested?

The scm8's are up on ebay from time to time if none are listed on agon!
I have two pairs of SCM8s and one I bought new and the other set I bought of Audiogon. They are great surround speaekrs but they are only for L/R not rears...I use Matrix 805s for that. They are very rare...I have only seen two pairs on the Gon for over a year and half, and I bought one of them, so good luck finding a pair.
I have 2 pair of white SCM-8's that I am getting ready to put on eBay if you are still looking for them.