B&W PM1 PV1D 2.1 amp

After reading quite a number of positive reviews on B&W PM1 PV1D integration, recently set up one in the living room which is about 40cm2. At this moment using Marantz PM8005 as amp, questions:

1) whether the power of the amp is not enough (only 70w) or it is ok since the subwoofer has its own power;

2) an improvement on amp will boost the performance significantly? if so, any recommendation?
I used to own the PM1, and only sold them because I was presented an opportunity to get a pair of Wilson Benesch Arcs at a great price and had to go for it. I also had the Marantz PM8004, which I believe is the previous model, but with the same/similar amplifier section. I thought the PM8004 + PM1 pairing was really anemic...just lifeless and dead. My impression, even in a smaller listening room, was that the Marantz was just underpowered...not necessarily at creating pure decibels, but at opening the PM1 up. I sold the Marantz, kept the PM1, and bought a used Audio Research VSi55 integrated, which worked much better with the PM1. In terms of specs, the ARC puts out less power, but the difference in synergy was undeniable. But I think I lived with the PM1 + PM8004 combination for almost a year before giving up on it and selling the Marantz.

I can't speak to the PV1D, I never tried it.

As for recommendations, the only amps I liked with the PM1 that I actually owned were the aforementioned ARC, and my Peachtree Grand Integrated X-1 which puts out enough power for just about anything. I could have lived with the PM1 + Peachtree/ARC pairings and enjoyed them for a long time, but again I had a chance to get the WB Arcs.

Don't be down on the Marantz + PM1 pairing in your own house and with your own ears - it may work great for you. My experience is just that, my own experience with my own ears which have likely been damaged from too many Van Halen concerts in my teens!! And I think I'd read other threads with people that liked the PM8004 + PM1 combination, so maybe it's just me...
My local high end store hosts a manufacturers's open house annually. One year B&W demo'd the PM1/PV1D combination and I was stunned by how good it was. The electronics were all Classe, which had a 2.1 arrangement to send all the LF content to the sub, freeing up the PM1s for better clarity and dynamics.

Classe is part of the "B&W Group." They were probably running something like the CP800 pre/pro, which has bass management, along with one of their 2-channel power amps.

Rotel is also part of the B&W group. They offer a 120 wpc integrated amp. It doesn't have bass management, but it has pre-out jacks that could go to an outboard electronic crossover to send a high pass signal to the PM1s if desired.

My own experience with a Marantz PM8004 was very positive, where it was driving a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Ms with clarity, authority, and musicality. But I've never heard it driving the PM1, so I'll happily take your word for it that it's not a good match.
thanks for all the valuable inputs.

I am currently using pre-out of PM8005 to PV1D, and set PV1D low pass from "out" to "in". Is this a basic bass management? or if there is a dedicated bass management system such as CLasse CP800, there will be quite a improvement.

My thought on PM8005 pairing with PM1/PV1D is that: if there is only PM1, then definitely under powered but with PV1D it may feel less so given the supplementary bass generated. Is it a mirage or true?
Finally upgraded the amp to Hegel H300, thanks to on of the other discussion mentioning Hegel could be a good fit.

My preliminary observations:

1) apparently the pm1 is opening up significantly; it does prove pm8005 is underpowered.

2) Hegel h300 delivers 250w per channel which is strong and maybe a bit too strong, I have to adjust pv1d volume and line level upwards to keep up the powerful sound generated by pm1
Well, an update after one year of usage. Hegel H300 doesn't work, I think some of the comments here are misleading. H300 is just way too strong for PV1D to match the bass, it is not very enjoyable listening experience,  my old Marantz 8005 which is lower power but matches a bit better on this regard.

Good news is that I finally find one great amplifier/dac/streamer to match the whole system - Naim Superuniti. It pairs with PM1 and PV1D perfectly, soundstage much wider, powerful bass... Couldn't be happier and it is not cheap but reasonable compared with options like Classe or so...