B&W P5 sounds suppressed

I just bought a 1994 B&W P5. Compared them to Axiom T22. Found them excellent except for the high frequency sombody is eating the highs. The axiom T22 the highs are more out and felt. I am not sure if this design or maybe the tweeters got a problem. Any help is greatly appreciated. While I am at it compared to the axiom with a powered sub, The P5 are smooth and base is accurate. The lows and the mids blend in very nicely. but the high frequency is suppressed big time. help.....
Is the P5 "bi-wirable"? Does it have 4 binding post on each speaker? If so, make sure there is a jumper connecting the high and low set of binding post.

Its bi-wirable. But I did not bi-wire them. Indeed the 4 binding posts are connected the HF to LF. On the Axioms the tweeters seems to have more role compared to the tweeter in the B&W. I am just disappointed and I wonder if its a disappointement I have to live with or the tweeter's needs replacement.
Could be they need more power or a higher current amp.