B&W P5 are missing something


I have owned those speakers for six months now. I am still struggling to make sound better. My problem is that it seems the high frequency seemed so low that I seldom here it. I heard that they are laid back well what is that mean?

What I found is that they are the most nuetral speakers I have heard the sounds are so realistic. But I am afraid that they need something at the tweeter end. I have replaced the tweeters at no vail. So I wonder if anybody have any suggestion as to what equepment do I need to bring the highs to the same level as midrange.
I own a pair of these since new. I do not consider the tweeters to be on the low side. I do agree these speakers are neutral/uncolored. They will not mask faults in other parts of your system.

This might be a really dumb question on my part, but are the tweeters receiving a signal at all? The P5 are biwire speakers. There are two sets of speaker terminals on the back. The top pair are for the tweeter; the bottom pair are for the mid/woofer and passive bass driver.

Unless you are using bi-wire cables, you will need jumpers to connect the two pairs of terminals together. If you only have single wires on the bottom pair of terminals, then the tweeter are not receiving a signal and are not working. This would explain the lack of highs.

The P5 came with terminal jumpers new. If they are missing you can either buy some better jumpers or make your own with a short piece of speaker cable.

Secondly, if they are connected correctly, the speakers also came with foam plugs to put into the ports to reduce the amount of bass. I personally have never had the need to use them, but they obviously include them for a reason. Plugging the ports for less bass will change the balance more towards the highs.

Thirdly, but probably going too far. I had a custom made pair of Sound Anchor stands made for my P5s. They did improve the imaging.

The P5 are no longer in my main system. But I keep them in another system because I feel they are that good. They were an absolute steal for the $1500 MSRP they sold for new. They are a total steal for the $600 to $800 they sell for used. I even preferred them over the Nautilus 804 that I demo'd against them in my home a few years back.

The P5 actually demand much better amplification and sources than what you would normally pair with speakers at this price point. This is actually a quirk with them. A lot of people pair them with budget or lower cost gear, and then complain they sound bad. What sounds bad is the amplification or the source, since these speakers are so neutral and revealing. With sweet sources these speakers will sing.

Happy Listening