B&W or FOCAL center speakers?

Hi, I’m just need to choice buying Center Speakers between Focal Electra CC 1008 BE or Bower & Wilkins HTM D3? Which one better clarity. Thank You so much for the input and God Bless you all
What are your left/right speakers?   It is very important to match the sonic signature of all 3 front speakers.  Otherwise, it becomes very apparent that you have different sounds when sounds from movies pan across the front stage.  It also can cause problems if the center has a weaker or stronger midrange.
People always said that Bower and Wilkins have more clarity dialogue than focal. That’s what the reason maybe to try B&W
I don't know that B&W necessarily has more clarity than Focal.  However, I think the B&W has a much thicker and meatier midrange.  The focal tends to come across thin sounding (unless you very warm electronics such as McIntosh or similar). 

In my opinion, I like the sound of B&W better, but if you are considering getting a B&W center, you should also switch your left/right to B&W.
I think will stick it with Focal. Thank You everyone and really appreciate all the opinions 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Stick with Focal. 85% of the content comes from the center channel... you really want the voicing the same on all the speakers or as voices move they will change their character... you really don’t want that.